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Author - Speaker - Minister - Success Coach


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BIOGRAPHY - Tanya Alkhaliq, ThD
Life Redesign Expert | Minister | Entrepreneur | Author

“Fear is nothing more than your belief in the inability to Love unconditionally.” --Dr. Tanya A. Alkhaliq, ThD

Tanya began her journey as a "fear" expert when she had to face the reality of being intersex and possibly losing everything because of that fact. Tanya Alkhaliq is an intersex black woman who is a Life Redesign Expert and gives emphasis in intersex issues and counseling while specializing in self-identity development, relationship issues, gender and sexual understandings, spiritual reformations, career choices, young-adult developmental issues, and issues pertaining to overcoming fear.

Tanya supports both men and women in discovering the answers to questions such as: "Who Am I; Where do I go from this point; What do I want from life; What is my outlook about life; What can I do to change my life now?"

Her expertise is centered on young-adult entrepreneurial endeavors.

She had the choice of running back to her safety net or staying and struggling through all the fears to overcome them and walk into her destiny. She struggled with questions about herself being intersex, her career choices, and of course relationships. As she continued, she began to write down her epiphany that was working for her to help transform young adults from a fear based response to a Love based existence.

Tanya has dedicated over four years in research and speaking about overcoming fear to transform life!

As a professional speaker, Tanya leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country and has appeared on various local radio shows, speaking about life, Church, Church leadership, religious, relationship, sexual, and gender issues.

Her understanding of life stems from her experiences that she has taken herself through in order to transform her own life into a tangible, fruitful, and progressive livelihood.

In her experience she is a Counselor, Teacher, Musician, Motivator, Coach, and Vocalist.

She currently resides in Greensboro, NC where she is working to establish Phoenix Outreach Services (a young-adult leadership development organization), Temple El Shammah (the Beit Knesset for those who seek after knowledge that leads to truth), The Harvest Group (Event Planning, Graphic Arts, and Business Development), and Empowered 2 Propser Young-Adult Conferences!

In addition, she is also the Chief Operational Officer and Sr. Rabbi of the Assemblies of the True and Living G-d where she is an active member of the Beit Din (Rabbinic Court) and serves under the auspices of the great Dr. Judah-Micah Lamar. She is on the Board of Directors for Progressive Community Collaboration and the Chair for the Pentecostal Interfaith Alliance which is an open dialogue of people coming from the Pentecostal experience of differing faith traditions of monotheistic faiths.

Rabbinit Tanya A. Alkhaliq is a visionary for this time and reaches out to all people in order that any person feels loved, cared for, important, and wanted! She feels it is her "job" to show who El is through the vehicle of Love as she reaches to those who others have despised and bypassed.


EXCERPT FROM FEAR: It's Not an Option
Once again, the command is not to be philosophical and believe or profess with our lips, instead we are commanded to BE and to DO! The Scripture is clear that the Kingdom is within us and that the Kingdom cannot be entered into because of the profession of our faith, or a prayer accepting Jesus as our personal savior. It is only through the growth of the Spirit whereby we will enter into the Kingdom! When one says that they are a believer and yet live in the same manner as unbelievers they deceive themselves as well as others and they negate the fact of them being “in the world but not of the world.” We walk around professing everything but in reality only cling to what we want while rejecting the message that the Prophets have given to us!


If we did not reject the prophets we would not be slaves to the things of this world. All the temporal things that we have classified and made Holy that El has called profaned is what we want! All the things that El has made Holy, we want to call profane and reject! We reject it because we reject El, we reject El because our life, our living, and all things about us is wrapped within fear. This thought pattern in which we currently exist teaches us that we are not good enough to make it into the Kingdom. The truth is that we are all good enough to make it in but most of us won't go in because we're waiting on someone else to take our place and do what we can (and are expected) to do! We wait on a Messiah to take our place and then give us access but we don't expect it to be hard, we don't expect to have to work, we don't expect to have to overcome ourselves! The truth is YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK in order to overcome yourself and the ONLY way you will be able to enter into Life is to begin to know that He is El and to follow the Commands as El has dictated! BE STILL, BE HOLY, that sums up the whole of the way!

Multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional aspiring recording artist and lyricist, Tamar bat Levi is working to bring everyone into the truth and knowledge of HaShem, the G-d of ALL NATIONS with songs that speak to the heart, mind, and soul that ushers us into a mode of worship. Through her initial single, “Sh’ma Yisrael” (Hear Israel) she establishes where her faith rests and where all others’ faith should rest, in the One True and Living G-d whose name is YHWH.

She is currently working on her 1st solo project which bears the same title as her first soon to be released single “Sh’ma Yisrael” with most of the songs being a mixture of Lashon HaKodesh (the Holy Language) – Hebrew – and English.

“Lashon HaKodesh means the ‘Holy Tongue’ based on the tradition that states that HaShem formed the world using the language of Hebrew. It is thus a language that is always Holy and Righteous and will speak to the heart of people who are sincere in their search regardless of whether they understand the language or not. I personally decided to record in Hebrew with the English equivalent so that all people will have the opportunity to experience G-d in a different way and also be able to know what they are singing about. In a small way, I believe that listening to the songs in the language of Hebrew pierces the soul upon hearing the words that G-d speaks in order to create, as an educator, I also believe that it is of utmost importance that people know what they are singing” Tamar says.

Tamar bet Levi is Tanya Alkhaliq born in Franklinton, Louisiana. Since 1993, Tamar has been singing with groups throughout the Texas region and since 2003 she has been singing semi-professionally. She’s had the opportunity to sing and play with gospel notables such as Walter and Edwin Hawkins, Shirley Ceasar, Donald Lawrence, Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Hezekiah Walker, James Hall, and John P. Kee. She has also helped to co-write with some lesser known (soon to be world recognized) but well versed vocalists and musicians J. Bass, Sean Holmes, and Daniel Harkless. As of late she has forged an alliance with gospel recording artist and minister extraordinaire Tonex, and looks forward to working with him in the near future.

Genres: Singer/Songwriter (Female), Hebrew, Gospel, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Kosher Gospel

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