Their was a topic about "Who has a Better Oral Sex Game - White Women or Black Women?" Almost, 99% said white women and one male reader wrote[Quote]I must say the best BJ's I've ever had came from white women. They just sucked it like they gave a dayum. Like they cared about doing. The sistas I had that did it did it like they were performing some special feat. It's was all phony. It was done to impress me, it was don't to show how skillful they were. And those are all the wrong reasons to do it.

White women did it passionately which improved their skill 100 fold. They did it lovingly, worshipfully. I aint gonna lie. I Never come from BJs but a white woman dayum sho had me close

Then a female replied:
It depends on the woman. Why? Because their are certain things that turn us on about the physic of a good piece of wood. Ask any woman to name 5 things she "loves" about the wood.
For Me:
The Curve
Head Size i.e Mushroom head

1)How many agree with either of these responses?
2)If so please name 5 Things that turn you on the physic of a good piece of wood.

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I can't anwser that I only deal with Black women so I would say the Black women they are good at what ever they put their hearts into not just the bed room but EVERYTHING. I love my Strong Black Women ther are sceond to none
I am bias on this one to. I have only dealt with Black women.
Thank You
I never really considered but smell and taste would be a big factor. However I was raised around alot of white people and most of my friends started (oral sex) REAL young. That may attribute to the guys inital dumb comment about white girls. How would a black girl raised around white girls come into the conversation? Lol the idea of good and bad blow jobs, based on race is crazy.
A subjective question this is!

Personally, my best "headtress" is black, but a few others, white/hispanic/and more black are thisclose!
this is a crazy question cause it doesnt matter about orlando said u can be good at anything u put your heart into. I love giving head and hell yea I know im good at it, i've realized that its gotten better with maturity and being with someone I truly love. Its about pleasing my man and making him feel good just like he does when he's eating me. Trust me I dont care what color you are, aint no woman trying to suck a d*ck for longer than 20 minutes, if your one of them hard to get off brothers or energizer bunny brothers, you had better do some stroking cause trust and believe my jaws will get tired before you nutt.

as a white woman, I have recieved oral sex from black men, white men and mexican and even a female. i thought the female was the best p*ssy eater until the last two black men I've been s***! My current man can make me nutt every dang time and then I can say black men eat p*ssy better that white men......any opinions on this subject?
i never had any other race but a black man give oral....but maybe I should do some research....LOL J/K......I say the older they are the better......I have always heard that white women are better in that I made it my business to step up my poor boyfriend at the time had to endure long head sessions and sometimes back to back until I feel he was pleased....needless to say I was trying to be a perfectionist in this department...... for a month he didn't want any bj's cuz he was sore...complained that I made him 2 drained to carry on tasks for the day like work, relax, and hang with the after peranoid.....
I salute you Nikki!
I have to agree with you on that one Michele. To me I have had white and black to perform oral on me and it seems like the white guy had something to prove, but my guy he is so passoinate with it , he makes me squirt!!!! And you are right about sucking no more than 20 minutes because when the jaws lock up, it's over. Lol
Girl all you've got is 20 mins??? Lol, I am in it for the long haul. My pleasure come in his eruption! So when it gets hard to suck (meaning the climax is coming). Start to deepthroat, it takes away the need to suck. When he's there; push it into your throat. He won't be able to run like men love to do. :-)
I get really excited about morning does something to me....i have to stroke it.....i love how it goes from being semi hard to rock hard it in my hand or mouth.....then its like me and the wood one-on-one I have to play with it more.... the head and shaft....falling in love with the width and length....soon after oral until he comes....then followed by oral again to get it back up for intercourse.....Morning Wood it does it for me..... Besides I made it my business to be good at what I do so that I could be the 1st black woman to give good head over a white woman to whom ever my man is.....
i agree with nikki i don't think race has nothing to do with it



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