I just a conversation with a man friend today, and he told me one of his ex-girlfriends, complained about the toilet seat being up.  Here is my take, I believe it is an irrelevant argue? Why cant we just put it back down? What we as women who, this is a peeve of this would get out of him putting the toilet seat down.  Now I believe it is the little things like the toilet seat that will drive a man away.  Do you agree the Toilet seat is a big issue?  And should it be a big arguement?

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I dont want to sound vulgar, but on occasion we have to sit down as well and we dont fall in so what is the major issue ... hahahahaha


I have really good news for you ... I HAVE DONE IT ... splash and it wasnt fun but it still doesnt make me want to put the seat down hahahaha

Now that is something to be upset about, falling in the toilet, it almost happen to me, but I was not pissed off to disrupt my home for the moment.


There was nothing in the toilet so i just cracked up laughing, I mean what was getting upset going to do .. was it going to dry my butt ?????????

I think it's silly having a fight over the toilet seat.  I don't give much thought to it. If I see it's up I'll put it down when I need it.  I think anyone who fights over the toilet..is just plan picky and needs something to complain about.  I feel it can go both ways.  If he's not complaining about the toilet being down..then why should I complain about it being up. 

Exactly, there are other things in the world to complain about, than the toilet seat.

  Actually, for me, the reason the toilet seat being up is such a problem is because of all the germs that fly out of it when you flush. My bathroom is tiny and the towel is directly in front the the toilet so when you flush, if the seat is up, all those inside toilet goodies fly out and on to anything aroud it. It took a while to get my husband to put it down but he still doesn't beleive me about the germs flying out! ;) But he does it so I don't care if he beleives me or not.

  But if there were no germs than I wouldn't think it was a big deal if the toilet seat was left up. I also like the way Mr. Smith thinks...men should just do it for there women so there is no arguments over it.



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