Ladies, many of you have questions regarding why some men just can not hold it long enough for you to c**. In other words, he came too fast and the excuse was, “baby, it is just your stuff was so good.”

Well, this could be true. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and some inner walls can create an environment that makes the head of the penis more sensitive than others.

When a woman gets very wet, some guys can’t take that and will c** too fast,

If a woman’s vagina is very tight and very wet, some guys can’t handle this and will c** too fast,

If the vagina is very tight and then all of a sudden because very open, wet and loose some guys can not take this and will c** too fast

If you have a wide open vagina without gripping power, he will fall off into that stuff and simply c** too fast.. It will be over when it started.

Some men can’t handle women making too much noise, they loose their concentration and c** too fast.

This is how: He is bumping and grinding and you are just moaning, then it starts getting real good to you and you begin to verbalize and moan louder. Now if this guy technique is to stay focus he will lose his concentration and will no longer be able to contain himself and simply c**.

Some women know how to grind her a*s on a man’s penis, and if a guy is not use to this, he will c** extremely too fast…You will be surprise how many women have told me that their man do not want them to grind on them like they see on the rap videos. Now some men love that stuff….

Some men especially Black men can not handle the in and out fast pumping sex like you see most White men do for long period of time, they are not usually use to this and will c** too fast if you are into to fast pumping sex

These things happen all the time. In other words it depends on how sensitive a man penis is and how much control he has. Trust me ladies, men work very hard on this control and need you to help him sometimes. Here is how.

When a man stops moving, he is trying not to c** or tired. If you are not ready for him to c**, maybe have him change positions or do something to take his mind off the act for a minute. Maybe have him perform oral stimulation.

If he came already just keep in mind that the penis will remain hard for a few seconds after it ejaculates and sometimes stay hard if he using EDF pills. However it will be hard for him to continue when he came because the sensation makes you stop. Some me can bounce back after the sensation but most will have to wait a while.

Another thing to know ladies is this:

Men are taught to think about something else instead of being with you (NOT ANOTHER WOMAN) and this is why he may not want to be all kissy, kissy or focusing on you, why? He may c** too fast. Now men are taught to build a computer, play baseball, practice shooting free throws, or preparing for an opening statement for a trial. He does what ever he can do to keep his focus off the act so that he can keep himself from cumin too fast.

Ladies, guys who have master the art of concentration and self control are the best lovers and if you get one that you can feel and has self-control WHEW!!! Hallelujah!

It is best to communicate to a man what you like before sex. If you like it slow and he is fast pumping, then you will have problems. If you like him to grind and he can ‘t last long like that, then there can be problem…


Sitting on a man penis is not always possible. He has to have a special erection for this to occur and usually it is best to sit on it in the beginning or when he gets extra hard during the act.


If you are a thick woman, and not able to rise off his stomach, he could go limp and this is why he will turn you over to get his erection right. HE IS TRYING TO GET BACK HARD AGAIN.


Here is the problem: Some women can only c** this way!! The trick is to get that penis as hard as possible and sit on it!!! Don’t try to make it last, get down to business, focus and c** ladies.

What I’ve noticed from men is that women try to make sex last in the most uncomfortable situation. AGAIN ON TOP REQUIRES A SPECIAL ERECTION. If this is the only way you can c**, get down to business, focus and c**.

Now there are times when a man will have that special erection that is very hard and last and last, then you can ride that thang all night long.

Foreplay—Ladies, most men get very excited during foreplay, so keep this in mind and it should start outside of the bed room first. The quickest he can get into your good stuff, the longer he can last. This is why quickies are usually always very good, he can get right to it without the foreplay and can he last much longer.

There is nothing worst to a man than cumin too fast (premature ejaculation). It is simply embarrassing. Please note that this is common and affects as many at 1 out 3 men. However the key is how often it happens. If a man can hold it the next time and you are able to c**, you won’t be as upset and feel that you can work with him.

What should be understood it that this is a disorder and is treatable with meds and learning better techniques.

I’ve learned as men get older, his penis gets less sensitive and this is why older men make great lovers. These types of lovers need loving stimulation, kissing, touching and talking to help them to stay arouse. So yes, ladies it is up to you to keep him aroused.

I think I covered everything, if not, just asked way

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Thank you, thank you. My man kept turning me over when I tried to get on top and I did not know why. He is trying to stay hard. This was on time for me because it happend last night and I was worried about this. I felt that something was wrong with me.
How can we tell the man that its ok to go ahead and c**. Is there a proper way to say it without making him fell less than a man? Because if that happens, you can always go another round. Its ok to just let go guys. We understand.
Great question.

Here is the deal, if you tell him to c** and he knows that you want more, it would feel bad.

The trick is to say something like this while he is inside of you: "come on baby, c** in this p****" or whatever words you use; this will make him c**. Now make sure you do not act as if you did not get enough because he would then feel bad. If you say how about round two after you told him to c**, he would feel bad.

So the round two has to be spontaneous and later. Some guys can bounce right back after about 5-10 minutes but others my require 30 min to an hour. Now some men may never be able to come back that night. This is why they try to hold out for as long as they can.
Boot that. Tell me how bout round two- all ears are open. I like round two and sometime round three(sometimes. Please, i am not a machine). The emphasis comes with the way sex is portrayed, as if you only get one round and once you c**, either too fast or too slow, it is over for the night.

Round last longer than one and round three .......well, it just last long (damn it). LOL
Please believe that most men worry about you getting off, so if we c** too fast, we know you aint get off. Feelings of embarrassment, disappointment and rejection(feeling like this interview will not get you another shot) quickly come to surface. That is alot of stress, for something that is supposed to be natural and very endearing.

Phil, continue and break it down like you always do. I just wanted to add my two cent in here.
Go ahead Phil preach.

Makes round 2 last longer....3 three even better than 1 or 2!!!
Ok, I hear you BUT I was in a situation where he would c** within 5 minutes. This was not a one time lasted for 17 years! He would apologize every time. I loved him and I would try to let him concentrate but it was always the same outcome. It's also sad because I never experienced an orgasm. I think he focused too much on that and not on enjoying the moment. What do you think?
Is there any way you could c** in 5 minutes? LOL I know a lady with the same problem and she learned to c** very fast and they use oral stimulation. It worked out for her and all of the extra intimacy is done after they both c**. Look Bernie Mac said that he would give you 3 minutes because a heavy weight boxing round only gives this much time. 5 minutes is long for a lot of women LOL got jokes!! No, I never reached that point in 5 min or less! I didn't complain about it either, he did. His excuse was that it was always so wet. I guess I can't miss what I never had...we've been divorced almost 2 years and I'm not seeing anyone.
LOL!! Yea Renee, it’s amazing how some men can not handle that wetness but others can't get enough of it. One reason is that they lose control over it because they can no long feel friction. The wetness is too much for him to handle. Did you tightly gripping him too?
Yes, but I don't realize I'm doing it.
Are you saying that you never climax or never with him?
I've never with any man. But thanks to my "magic bullet" I now know that I'm capable.



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