How do men feel about jealous women? How men feel about feisty women? Do men get a "rise" out of either one?

I know of a couple of men (one being my brother) who seem to only react to fussy, feisty, and/or jealous women. They have calm, more laid back women around, but don't seem to be satisfied with her. It's almost like he wants a little drama. Do men get a rise/challenge or a boost of confidence out of a woman being jealous and/or feisty here and there? I am not saying that jealous and feisty are the same... And when I talk about jealousy, I'm not talking about crazy, psycho jealous either. For example, a woman may fuss or snap at her man if his eyes wander. Some men may prefer a woman who can handle it if his eyes wander and says nothing but my brother, for instance, wants her to "fight" (fuss at him about it) for his attention?

Which do you prefer, men? Why?


Talk to me...

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A jealous or territorial woman...HELLZ NO!! A fiesty woman...YESSIRRRRRRR!! I love a sister who got some fiestyness and some fire within her. It add some spice to the relationship. Is it a requirement? No it is not. Is it a bonus? Absolutely it is. But the issue I am seeing in this discussion question is this. Most men that I know do not equate being fiesty or having a degree of fire within her as being jealous. But it is obvious that the two are one in the same to you based upon how you presented this question to the group. With that said, I already know how you are going to interpret the responses and so do all of the other brothers. So with that said, good luck on getting many responses.
Oh no! So sorry to hear you feel that way, Lorenzo. Thank you for pointing that however... I may need to rephrase the question in that case because I do not feel that being feisty and jealous are one in the same -- not at all!

Thank you for your input! I am happy to see you chose feisty over jealous. A woman who is a bit feisty gives off a certain kind of confidence. A woman who is jealous has insecurities. Looking at how I posed my question at the time, I was just unsure as to whether men saw these two in a different light each.

Thanks for keepin' it real!
Okay, Lorenzo. I updated my post. I hope it makes more sense. ; )
Riki, do I like a feisty woman?? Yes. I almost don't mind fussy every now and then. It keeps me on my toes, shows she has some type of passion about life and it's interesting to see every now and then. Do I like a jealous woman?? HEELLL NAAWW!! I'm not that special or important for you to be jealous of me or what i'm doing. I'm not one that feels the need to have attention from a bunch of women or have a woman jealous all the time. It's never that serious. I need her to feel confident that I'm interested in her and ONLY her. I don't need any women fighting over me and nor do I want them too. It's quite embarrasing to me to be honest with you.

So feisty and fussy...yes. Jealous.....never.
Thank you, Nate!

I am happy to hear your opinion. My brother, for instance, has a jealous woman and I wondered if he reads it as her being feisty and not really seeing what the real issue is. I hope he opens his eyes someday. You are right, it is never that serious. I think will all have a little jealous in us -- it's human -- but you don't have to act a fool. You just have to look at your current relationship. If it is solid. There's no need to worry. That's it. That's all.

Honestly, I think most sista's have a little "fuss" and "feist" about them and that's why you brotha's love us so much, right! Lol!
Absolutely A little fuss and feist is always good.
I think they get a rise,

Lol! You know he was lovin' that!
"I think they get a rise,"

Could this be why so many women have so much mouth???? Thinking we get a


out of it???
I'll take Feisty for $100 Alex and no more then $100 and only $100 because that's as much as I can take. I not even gonna bid on the jealousy catergory I'll let some other brother take that one.
I guess I'm in the minority here as I'm ok with a jealous woman, particularly one who's not crazy or psycho jealous. For those who aren't crazy or psychotic, to me, it just means they're paying that much more attention to their man, maybe even to the point of being protective. I know that in my case, what might appear as her being jealous is truly just my wife more or less calling me out on what she perceives as disrespectful and insensitive behavior on my part.

In regards to feitsiness, I'm ok with a woman showing some backbone, especially if she's defending my honor. I don't like it if her feistiness is creating unnecessary drama. In past blogs, I've said "show me a couple that never disagrees and I'll show you one boring marriage/relationship". I'm totally fine with occasional disagreements but I'm not fine with it leading to discourse and unnecessary drama. On the whole, my preference is for a jealous woman.



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