Men: What is it specifically that makes a man choose the woman he will marrry when dating?
Generally speaking what makes him choose this one woman if he's dating like 4 or 5 or has lots of women friends and likes them all and they are all attractive?
It seem so simple for men to make a decision about one woman. Like on these t.v. shows "the bachelor" and flavor of love men can date 50 women and they like things about all of them but they are able to fairly easily choose "that one".
In general men please share with the ladies what a "marriage material" woman is besides the obvious, knowing how to cook, being intelligent, being attractive, and having good conversation because a man can have all of these things from like 10 women and still be able to choose one. So really what is it?

Phil let us ladies know the real deal and what's up ; -) *smile*

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Got my pen and paper and on stanby.
1. personality
2. hygene
3. personality
4. upkeep
5. personality

... get the picture? the apple bottom pants and clevage might attract him, sex, might make him more interested, but personality will ultimately make him want to be with u forever.
to be considered marriage material, its about what can u offer beyond a nice face, tight body, and sexual appetite.... yanno, the stuff that can and most likely will change over time. are u honest? caring? great sense of humor? intelligent? classy? can u cook? are u caring? will u support ur man? can u be his best friend? will u let him be a man? will u cater to him as he does to u? do u like to argue? these are just a few questions to give food for thought when it comes to asking urself if ur marriage material. but please note that just as not every woman is deserving of a good man, not every man is deserving of a good woman. if u find urself constantly giving and giving in a relationship and ur not receiving anything then its not the relationship for u. relationships should be about compromise and partnership.
there might be more to the story than meets the eye. dating is dating. but suppose he knew her prior to dating. suppose they were childhood friends, went to school together, knew most things about each other then decided to date for a few weeks? that type of scenario would be different. but how often do we really take time to get to know someone before asking them out? do we really wait weeks, months, possibly years before going for the juggular?
Great info knowledge...problem is everyone thinks they have a great personality!! lol
lol true. but if indeed their personality was so great... they might have a man right now. :-)
actually Adrienne many people do....or at the very least they know who they want to be the ha ha.
great answer Knowledge...sometimes u do make me proud... *smile* lol ; - )
Alright Knowledge ... I'm about to drive this cloning machine up to Richmond right now. You ready?
as ready as michael jackson in a boyscouts meeting puddin pop
dAMN Knowledge u were doin so good....that was just wrong talkin about Mike like that! lol ha ha ha ha ha Funny as hell but dead wrong!!!!!! lol lmbao



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