1. You can finally tell your boss what you really think of him.

2. No more daycare bills…raise your own children.

3. You won’t have to socialize with people you can’t stand.

4. You'll always have money in your savings account.

5. Your paycheck will come to your mailbox every month.

6. You can't imagine getting another Pink Slip.

7. Fun conventions in Las Vegas and Pennsylvania each year.

8. You are paid what you are worth, not what someone else
decides you are worth.

9. You won't have to beg “permission” to take a few days
off from work. You can take a vacation any time you want.

10. If you're sick of feeling like this:


or this:



.........don't worry, if the mere thought of MLM petrifies you, I can teach you how to build your buiness ONLINE, WITHOUT CHASING YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND ANYONE ELSE YOU KNOW........

People will join you in your MLM Business only if they:

1. Like You
2. Know You
3. Trust You
4. If you introduce your business with SPAM none of the above can happen...
Below is an example of how to connect with future prospects in a way that’s not too pushy or aggressive about your business, but very inviting at the same time:

12. Iseecolor is a Goldmine for a business like mine!


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