I was just wondering if you've come into any cheap Virgo men? ALL of the Virgo men I know are cheap. I think it's ok to be conscious of your money, but I find them to be ridiculous.

I mean they'll be the ones to wash out aluminum foil and reuse until it falls apart. (slight exaggeration).

Any thoughts?

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Yes I'm frugal with my money cause if you spend it all, then what's going to happen when you need emergency money. You can't take it with you, but you can't do anything without it either.
I have only known a few Virgo men and they were cheap.
The ones I know are cheap too
Hold up....wait a minute...! Okay ladies, I gotta speak up for myself and perhaps to a degree, my Virgo brothers out there...

First of all, I will state that I am conscious of my spending when it comes to discretionary items (entertainment or non-essential items) but that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to spend on myself or family. When I'm dating, I truly do not expect for a woman to come out of her pocket for anything...except lipstick. And all my family has to do is ask, along with a clear explanation, and they will usually get what they're asking for.

I've taken my girlfriends on trips, out to fine restaurants, purchased expensive items for them, even GIVEN them money when they needed it in a financial pinch. If they INSISTED on paying for something, yes I would accept it but with some discretion...

Now the 'recycling aluminum foil' example was pretty funny...but give us a break!!! Just because we (not all) Virgo men have a propensity to manage finances a little more effectively than others should not convey the opinion of cheap.

Just my take...
So Charles, are you an August Virgo or September Virgo?
I'm a September man
Happy New Year! LOL, washing aluminum foil...
Funny but true story. My dad (August Virgo) told me recently that when he dies anyone who owes him money will still need to pay it back, AND he was serious. I'm like who's gonna collect it? My mom is deceased and he lives along. Nobody even knows who owes him money but he's determined to get all his.
Angela that is a real stretch, Virgo Men are not cheap we are mindful of our resources we have learned this over the years. For myself I have been very generous to the women in my life (mother, sister, daughter, and WIFE). I have to be honest that I do not loan money because I do not want anyone to owe me. If I can afford it I will give it to you because I would want us to continue to be friends. I do not buy cheap gifts, nor did I go out on dates that the woman has to pay. I will get the most for my money becuse I do not have it to waste I do not think that is cheap just smart. LOL!!!!
You can call us cheap ,but we are far from cheap. We understand that we can do far more with what we are spending on non essential items. Some one in our family can use some help. A friend may need to take care of something. Unexpected expenses override what you may want at the time. If you don't or can't understand that then. You probably won't be around much longer anyway. He will decide you are too superficial!
Gentlemen don't get angry with me. I'm just posing a question, and sharing some of my stories. I'm just saying the ones I've come in contact with tend to be frugal to the next level. My mother always told me "Whatever you do, don't marry a man that's cheap. You'll have a lifetime of misery". So I'm just asking.
We're not Cheap! We just don't spend money on things we don't need. Why buy new foil when you can wash and reuse the old. LOL



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