I posted this discussion in another group a while ago and got some interesting response so I decided to post it here also....This morning I was listening to 97.1, a radio station here in Montgomery and they have identified this week as relationship week. Anyway, there were a couple of women on the show that spoke on what they look for in a mate and what they bring to the table. As the show ended, the host asked all of the women if they saw a man that they wanted to pursue, would they approach him? Out of the 7 women he asked, only 1 said that she would approach the man. Why is it that men have to be the one to pursue/initiate the connection? I remember about a week or two ago i went out with some friends and this lady starred me down at the resturaunt. She smiled, had a somewhat "funny lookin" flirty look, and kept walkin past the table. Not once did she say a word to me. I don't understand it. Women could probably be missing out on their "dream man", all because they won't initiate the connection. Please explain...

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I think it all started from the old days " a man suppose to find his wife", and not only that its very embarrassing for a women to approach a man and he is not interesting, my opinion, it is in a mans nature to approach a woman and if she is not interested he moves on but its not that easy for a female. Just because a female starred you down doesnt exactly means she is interested:-)
Great response Tanza...So where have you been...You need to come around more often..lol
I agree with you. I was always told that the man is the one who should approach you. But there have been times that I have thought about approaching first but the fear of rejection set in.
I agree with LaTanza... although there have been times when I wish I could approach a man I found attractive but just couldn't bring myself to do it bc if the reasons she stated. Also, I do agree with you allabout style bc I do think that we miss out sometimes. I am trying to work on this.
For me it's the fear of rejection, the most I would do is make eye contact to show interest and if he does not make the next move that's it, I just keep doing what I was doing wishing that he made a move and wishing I had the guts to make the first move.
Here lately, I've been doing a lot of initiating & do you know what I get? Guys backing up because they feel intimidated. What do you men want? To chase? To be chased? I've been on both sides of the coin. So now unless I'm approached, I don't waste my time.
I feel as a woman it's not my place to approach a man. The bible says ''When a man finds a wife he finds a good thing''. I'm not looking for him. I'm just living my life and loving it, but when he come around I'll be prepared.
Unlike most on here, I have no problems approaching a man that I have found attractive. Just becasue you are speaking to them doesn't mean you have to marry them. A lot of men have told me that they like it when a woman approaches them because it makes them feel special and sexy. Like a man, I have been rejected and accepted. You can approach a person but it takes two of you to make it work.
I think it is up to how old school you are. Plus we think we can't make it to easy for the guys. If it is easy to get it is not worth much. I usually show that I am interested but I could not approach a man. i admire women who can I have always been to scared to be rejected. I would only make the first step if the guy shows me that he is interested in me.
You should approach and not be scared...Guys approach all the time and is turned down but they don't let it fade them they just move on to the next
A woman doesn’t want to be seen as desperate because she was bold enough to approach a man. I don't see anything wrong with a woman approaching a man. The problem is how the female is viewed when she takes the initiative to go after what she wants. I say go for yours.



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