My friend of 18 yrs called me this morning to let me know that her ex-husband threaten to kill her and their 4 kids. She said, she don't think he will go through with it, but I'm scared to death that he might, and I dont know what to do about that news.

This is what happen:

They met when she was 13 yrs old, he was her first everything. They were married for 12 yrs with 4 kids. He listened to his family to divorced her to marry someone else. When the marriage didn't work out, he came back and begged her to get back together, which they did. He left her again to be with another woman, but kept going back and forth. Finally, she got fed up and started dating after so many years. She met this older gentleman who treated her and her kids so good. She said he did things to her that her no good ex-husband had never done. The ex-husband still coming to the house asking for sex. Finally, she stood up to him and said no. She told him that she's in a relationship with someone now and doesn't want to mess it up, and she's tired of him treating her like a doormat. He has the nerve to tell her that she needs to get back to the way she use to be and do what he said or he will come and kill her and the kids...She took it as a joke, and I told her to call the police and file a complaint, because I don't think it was funny.

Should she tell the kids about what happen? Should she contact the police? What if he gets really violent when he finds out she call the police? I'm scared for her and the kids.

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Don't tell the kids not yet. If I was her I would take it serious. The thing is since she has let him do what ever he wanted when ever he wanted he isn't use to her saying no. He is mad now. She will have to be real strong. Hell I wonder if she has said anything to the new guy about the threat. He wants to control this woman....that is crazy! I say get the police involved.
Hi Con. She didn't tell the new guy. I told her to call the police, but she thinks he's just talking isht cause he's jealous. I think he's serious. My brother was killed like that, and I don't want to see that happen again.
Morning Q, this is scary.
These days that is not joke: I would suggest she inform the police, get her family members involve. Tell the kids so they know what kind of man daddy is.
Since he find out she's seeing someone else, he doesn't even do anything with or for the kids anymore. I told her she needs to see that as a sign. His family hates her, do you think she should let his mom know about the threat?
I'm really sorry to hear about that situation that your friend is going through.. I will be praying for you and her.. I would say she should definitely call the police and file a report.. It's a very complicated when it comes to what you think someone will or wont do when they are in pain and out of control.. That is not healthy for her or her children.. Maybe she should also inform the school about her concern for the children's safety.. You are so right that is not funny at all..Just don't take the threat for granted..

God be with you all
Thanks Ms. Sha'. I didn't think about letting the school involve. As her friend, what would you suggest I do with this news?
Well what point do it take for someone to call the police, someone making statements like this, and we worried about if he gets violent, Sorry to say but the violent is on the way, now it's just a matter of when it's going to take place.

PS: Tell her to call my sister and get the advice from another WOMEN
((((((((((((((Bo))))))))))))))))) It's been a while. I'm telling this girl to take it serious. I really think she taking it too lightly.
Ask her what would he have to do to take him serious, Because she have gave him some AZZZ don't mean he won't knock the $#it out of her
Thx bo.
I don't take anyone telling me that they are going to kill me anything other than SERIOUS. Tell the authorities and watch your back.



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