Yes I'm starting this thread based on the thread about women not knowing what to do with Good D***...

Exactly what is Good D***? Define Please, I'm sure every man out here thinks he has GOOD D***... so please elaborate.

One could have GREAT D*** one that is attached to an A****** nnd I'm not talking about the ANUS either.

WOMEN have been known to say I HAVE SOME GOOD P****...okay define that as well...
then after doing so ask yourself this:

How many GOOD DICKS/P****** have you had and are you still with them.

So is it really about the D***/P**** and how good it is or about the person and how good they are to you.

talk to me people...

Is Good D*** that kind that makes a woman give up herself because its good. Is Good D*** the kind that makes a woman put up with whatever he dishes out because he knows how to lay the pipe? Is good d*** the kind that makes a woman give him access to her car, bank account etc and then have him bleed her dry.. or is the one that makes some women put a man before her kids because its SOME GOOD D***.

I dont know about others on here, but I rather take a man with no skills that love me and turn his d*** into a good one than have a man with good d*** that treats me like s***...

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The other convo is "WOMEN DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH GOOD D***" am I not I brought this separate from that...

Define both...I've been told I have good p****, What does that mean?
Definition of Good D***......Mine....

Now go to the other convo...I have a class in session.
So say all men and women about theirs, yet if yours or mine was as good as we thought it was why are we single....
Well then thats a good thing... But the majority of people up in here are.
I just asked a simple question.

Define Good D***/P**** because everyone (MOST EVERYONE THAT IS) thinks theirs is the bomb..

Exactly! It is a sad state of affairs when someone stays in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship just because.

I have learned that when you think you've lucked up and found that Great D/P and the relationship ends, you come across someone that does it even better. No two people make love the same so please believe that man/woman that got the bomb D/P who is treating you like crap needs to be let go of so you can find the one that will treasure you and that will make his/her even better.
Well stated! Hence my motivation to leave what I thought was great D alone beginning January 1.
Good D***=
Makes love from his soul
Wears a hat
Keeps it tight when he's away from me
Satisfies in the evenings and mornings
Works a regular job
Pays bills
Knows there's so much more to satisfying a woman than laying some dayum pipe....but pipe is a good thang!!

thank u sis...!! (((((((((((TT))))))))))))
I've never had d*** to control me and won't allow p**** to control someone else into an unhealthy crazy relationship as described above. Good d***/p**** is the joining of two people that connect through a deeper level of conversation and love with a mutual understanding, openness and honesty that allows each other to experience great levels of damn good loving in a HEALTHY relationship.



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