In the way we dress in the foods we eat and the colors we like and don't like.What you think?

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so true! I am April 21 . I try to respect everyone I come in contact with but when you can not act right and try me...Lawd help! I always try to be in positive situations because I know how upset I get when I am around a hater. Too busy trying to make things happen to worry about what the next person has or what they have on....etc. Truth is I am a very cool person and I can get along with long as they do not overstep boundaries...or try me.
I was in a conversation on the train going to work on day. I sat with three ladies, in the conversation they got to talking about people demeanors. Shocked as to how the perceived some people, I queried them about me. When they all looked at each other and one stated cocky, the other two agreeing they went into detail as to say, it’s not in bad way. In a way that is more confident. I and everyone that knew me knew I as very assure and confident of my self and my capabilities. That I walked in room at I owned it. In speaking to my wife about it later that day she said I was Abrupt, you don’t pull any punches.

Now myself I don’t see myself as cocky but I defiantly now my self-worth. The Good Lord above and I made me what I am, I’m not beholding to anyone. Therefore I don’t bite my tongue, bat my eyes, nor bow my head to any man. I not bad just don't f*^k with me. They put there pants on just like I do. Feel me?
I would have to say in my opinion, that if you are in April you have traits from Aries and the deeper you go the more traits you have for taurus, for example by daughther is May 30th so she is a gemini but she is in that window of showing some taurus traits and gemini traits. Because she is stubborn as hell but has two sides to her already. So when you are in that window i think that is the difference.
April Taurus does have Aries "ram" traits. Taurus (May11-May21) has Gemini traits, which gives them a laid back presence until provoked. April Taurus, is more determined outwardly.
Your right, I'm very laid back until provoked then it's over. People usually think I'm a push-over then learn what's up..
I'm a may bull and my ex wife says to this day, that was so blunt and to the point that she hates to ask me anything. Most people at work think its because I was in the marines but that just enhanced it lol. So most people leave the office quickly or just leave me alone lol. I am a A to B guy you ask you will find out, my tact skills arnt that good but they have gotten better, I haven't cussed anybody out "this year" lol
Don't ask if you can't handle the true rignt...
I'm asking Aisha,and I can handle it.Been it
I think the difference is the moon sign, not so much the date that you are born into taurus...
I really think the difference is that those who were born in April are a little more mellow than those born in May. Maybe it's because those born in May are a little closer to beening on the Gemini side, so it's kind of like flip flop for them. It's kind of like they have certain parts of a Taurus and certain parts of a Gemini.
The April Taurus, that's me, will not tell you off too much, because we let our actions do our talking most of the time. More so, than the May Taurus, which is more verbal than April Taurus. We are both very peaceful loving, and fiercelly loyal and protective people but when an April Taurus is feeling pushed and prodded too much, like Ms. Tiffany H says: We can damm near get violent when our temper gets heated up, so we go quiet when we are upset. It is our way of dealing with the most unpleasant part of us which is a temper that can blow completely and a lot of people could really get hurt if we would allow ourselves to do what we feel at the moment of anger.

See, if anyone looks at the Aries where we are closest too on the zodiac birth chart, they're extremely physical and we get that part of them. Now the Gemini, is more verbose which is where the May
Taurus is closest to on the chart, that is where MayBull's inherited the sharp two-edge sword tongue from. But, on the whole we can all say we got a little of both, but more of the other we are closest too, on the calendar!

On the whole we are more alike than we are different, though! Craaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy!
Girl: You are such a Wise sista. You really put this into the perspective I tend to lean toward. Thanks for the post.



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