In the way we dress in the foods we eat and the colors we like and don't like.What you think?

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Attitude... We April Tauruses are not as empathetic as May Tauruses... Other than that... We are all freaky ppl.
Ok I'll give you that to a point.
I think there are some minor differences. For the most part we like our environment to be clean and beautiful, confortable in our surroundings. Also we don't like a lot of drama in our space. I am April, I find that some May people are a little more mean. But other then that.......not a lot of differences.
You have 3/4 of it right.The mean part depending on who piss me off.
I do believe tha may taurus can be some what meaner, however I do believe we are blunt not mean depending like you said who it is. If we feel that you have our back. We are more patient with that individual. Thanks Seeds Magazine.
Right George aunt is an April taurus, I'm may...she can be really mean, just don't give a damn what happens when she feels she's been crossed or even sometimes not in agreement with her...I don't think I'm mean, but I know I do mean what I don't play with me at that particular time. lol
I'm a May Taurus and people have told me all my life that I have ice running through my veins. I gets to me sometimes that people think I can be so cold. But at the same time, I've always been popular and I'm a very influential social worker... so people like being around me for some reason or another!
I see your point and I agree,Thanks.
It's so funny that you said that. I know most think that I can be very insensitive to matters they're crying andwhimpering over. But I'm standing there asking "Whats the problem and why are you crying"? LOL I know for a fact that I am blunt and can be very mean if you piss me off, other than that I'm very likable and easy to get along with but for goodness sake don't ever cross a May Taurus because then I'll understand why you're crying without laying a hand on ya.
LOL @ Nita yes maam!! So true
u just like me May 2nd
I am April and my mother is May and my mother has told me all my life that I internalize when I should be telling someone off. She is much more outspoken than I. She also is quicker to anger than I am. Although we are very similiar, we can be different when it comes to love for instance. She believes it doesn't matter how much she loves someone, they piss her off (hurt her feelings or injure her emotionally), they are outta there. I, on the other hand, am a bit more forgiving and it takes a little longer to push my buttons than it does to set her off. My dad who, bless his Scorpian heart, lived with two Taurean women, always said, my mom didn't take no junk but I could be too nice sometimes. Funny, he was Scorpian but my moms ran things and they were together for many, many years.




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