This is not the typical network marketing message that you often see in this group.

I was wondering how many of you marketers and entrepreneurs try and support your local merchants, regardless of whether they might be a little more expensive than internet sites or the big guys like Target or Wal-Mart.

Do you know all the merchants in your hometown? Are you trying to support at least a few of them?

These merchants can be very knowledgeable and take the time to add that personal touch, even though their products or services might be a little more expensive than the big chains.

I feel that it's important that you support local merchants whenever possible because it's good for your community. Yes, I said "your community". It’s where you live and your children go to school.

One major benefit for doing so is that local merchants provide a much needed source of revenue to your local government which in turn translates in to better roads, street lights and public services for your community.

Ever wonder why the pot h*** on your street hasn’t been fixed, or a local ballpark has been closed? That’s the result of not enough revenue being generated because of the lack of enough local merchants in your community.

One good way to support your local merchants is by word of mouth marketing. You know, it’s where you, yes you, recommend a local merchant that you’ve used to your family and friends.

Another way is to join The Customer Advantage where you can use the power of word of mouth marketing to help your local merchants and get paid for doing so and creating an economic cycle to improve your local community. For more information, about The Customer Advantage, contact me at (864) 724-9TCA.

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