Here's my question. Is sex with someone who is unattached (and you are too) still considered adultery. My take is this: If God has made a promise to me that He will present me to my mate, be it now or later, I am promised to him. So by engaging in premarital sex with anyone else or even him (after we have met), I have committed adultery in God's sight. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree. Love to hear from you...

p.s. let me clarify...I know there is fornication- porneia -sexual immorality, marital unfaithfulness, prostitution, a generic term for sexual sin of any kind - in the scenario, I am wondering if you can see the adultery in there too?

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Adultery takes place between a married person and one who is not. Maybe you are speaking of fornication. Fornication is sex outside of marriage. It doesn't matter if you both are unattached...if you're not married then it's still fornication. Hope this helps.
I realize the fornication has taken place. My question is "Is it also adultery?"
This is a very simple question to answer as long as we clearly look at it from God's perspective. We have been given clear boundaries to live by and they are all in the word of God. Any sex outside of a marraige setting, is sin. No matter what label you put on it. That is the more important issue. Past that, you are simply labeling the individual sin. One of the problems we have in this culture is that we want to justify our sin so we want to claim that some sin is acceptable or more acceptable than others. We always need to view the issue from the eyes of God and not through man's eyes. God's ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. The thing to remember is that He has given us these guidelines to follow for our own good. The beauty of it all is that there is forgiveness for all our sins through the savings grace of Jesus Christ. The ultimate answer to your question is, yes it is adultery.
Good reply Renaissance Man, from a spiritual perspective it is because when you are single, you are literally married to God, and your desire should be to please him and serve him and you dishonor your body and him by committing fornication.
This is the way I see it too, Sheila! That's why I posted it this way, to get the mind flowing a bit. We, as singles are still the Bride of Christ. So even if we aren't married in the natural, we are still a spouse to Him and to our future mate, if it is so ordained by God.
Andrea, you're correct .... whether married or not .... the Bride of Christ is the whole of Christiandom, all Christians ..... spiritualizing, speaking christianese confuses .... thank you Sister.... smile....
Yes it is ............
NO... adultery (adulterer [-ess]) is always tied "marriage".... as in grounds for illicit sexual intercourse (porneia) ... to protect the victim/child ..... thereby giving them an opportunity (divorce) to remarry in the Lord if they can't reconcile the crime ..... Any more questions, please ask.... smile....



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