I am letting go of sex and becoming celibate because sex is not the same anymore and i have more to offer than just my body if he wants to be intimate with me im sorry because i no longer wanna be involved in that im gonna let God cover me like he did the last time and this time im not gonna break my pack with him because he knows me better than knowing myself

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I applaud your efforts. I too live a life of celibacy and it's not always easy. My longest vow was 8 years, currently I'm about 1 1/2 years into my current vow of celibacy. There's a great book on the subject called, The Kama Sutra of Celibacy: 101 Ways to be Successfully Celibate, that is very helpful in finding ways to stay the course of celibacy while honoring your commitment to God to wait until marriage. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, it's an excellent book that I'd recommend anyone practicing celibacy to check it out!

"sex is not the same anymore" .... so let me get this straight, you will make do without sex for the rest of your life, stay ummarried .... is this what you're saying .... yes or no?



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