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Look For Power point Attachments
Rahubaat Sena. Haza Kalun Jed Nefer. Tawhuaat Li Jull Shayu. Hotep.
Haza kalun jed nefer li paa aruaat. Tawuhaat Senta
Antuk Atha Nana Mery. Senta Carla Kalun Pa Wahed Haza Haadur Shil.
When I open the powerpoint, it has pictures, are we suppose to say the pictures in Nuwaubic?

Tua we learn easier by picutres not by translation You know you have to click the presentation to cycle through it.
Wa wa, tawuhaat.
Another Attachment
Haza kalun nefer.
Rahubaat Hau: Akhay Atha Antuten Baamul Haza Baka/Yawum/Ushat?
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