Is approaching a woman or male in the gym while their working out and asking them for their number or just trying to talk to them in a hollering tpye of way. Is that cool ?????

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Hell to the naw. It is not cool and as I type this, I feel like a hypocrite considering my honey hollered at me at the He caught me on a really good day and he did wait until after I had finished my workout and was about to leave. My issue with trying to holla at the gym is that so many people are there like it's the new club, the hot spot and standing in front of machines that people need to use. I can only speak for myself but when I am working out, I want to be able to focus on my form, visualize my muscles and concentrate which I can't do if someone is in my face. There are subtle signals that people give off when they are approachable, look for those, otherwise DO NOT APPROACH.
You meet your honey at the gym,so you should be all for this lol!!!! but I do get where you coming from and I do think your right some people do act like it is a club and I think it's because of those people is way this idea gets a bad rep. Thank you take care.
Hey why not?
I would rather someone approach me in the gym rather than a club...
I think the gym is a good place to meet people, then you can find out if there really there to work out or if there on a mission to get some numbers.
If there really is something there, you can find something in common and make it a date! take a class together or share workout ideas.
One thing is for sure... If your tryna holla at someone in the gym, you better make sure your on point!
I like the way you think Ms.trainer 2 the stars, I can't agree with you any more than I already do. I say why not, if you can't meet a person at the gym who has the same passion as you.. then where can you ????????
it depends on the female and if she's into her workout and if she is attracted to you.
If the female is attracted to u then its not a problem...if she's not then it
That is so true.. Cuss if he or she is feeling you then it's all good..
oh if she/he is interested... you will know!
If your not sure... keep it movin!
That's correct. Let me ask you this if you saw me in the gym would you be interested ??? and if so how would you let me know ?

I would Rafeal.....*smile*

I really don't see why not. I spend at almost 3 hours every morning in the gym. Then i go to work for 9 hours and then home for the rest of the night and start over again the next day. It would only seem credible to do so, since you know that they have a common interest with you, they are working on themselves to be physically fit and they won't tease you about waking up and leaving for the gym, in the morning. :-)

I mean, where else am i going to fine physically fit women- a club or bar? LOL.

true that J_Wes



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