You Just Can't Tie Me Down....Unless I Say So -- Happy Hump Day!!

Something new for the rec room folks!!!



The Forced Orgasm Tower

Let your slave have a good look at the forced orgasm tower. They will find out soon enough that not only will they be bound to it, but they will be subjected to the pleasurable sensations of any massaging wand that you decide to attach to the device.
After quick and easy installation, place your sub into the metallic structure. Once they are bound using the wrist and ankle restraints, you can have your way with them with any impact toys in your arsenal. For an extra amount of pleasure, take one of your favorite massagers (Hitachi Magic Wands, for example) and place it into the handy holder right near your sub's clitoris. Turn on the massager and watch your sub squirm with delight.

They are unable to use their hands and must succumb to only what you allow them to have. You can give them as little or as much pleasure as you desire. Give them so much that they'll have to c**. Bring them to the edge and then stop. Make them want it. The choices are totally yours.
Specifications: The forced orgasm tower is made of durable steel. It's highly adjustable to fit most individuals (around 6ft). Padlocks are required to secure the wrist restraints, ankle restraints and the collar. The tower stands in a tripod-formation for sturdiness.

Sizing: There are two sizes available to the forced orgasm tower.

Small/Medium: Ankle Restraints (3" inside diameter); Wrist Restraints (2" inside diameter); Collar (5" inside diameter)
Medium/Large: Ankle Restraints (3.5" inside diameter); Wrist Restraints (2.5" inside diameter); Collar 6" inside diameter)






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i bet it's hard as hell to make you c**, aint it lady?
Depends...hee hee.
Are you questioning the machine??? lmao
It does look like a few parts were taken from the



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