Okay brothers and sisters of RMISC, here we have our next R & B legend. Oh my GOD, did I have an ENORMOUS crush on her when I was a teenager. I had no idea exactly how close she was to my mother's age though. But at that time I did not care at all.

But this is not about Lo and his teenage crushes. This is about the next R & B legend whom I also believe is very much under-rated. She is such an accomplished artist in music and song.

PATRICE RUSHEN as we remember her
Patrice Rushen - Back Then

PATRICE RUSHEN as she is today
Patrice Rushen - today

The oldest of two daughters, Patrice Louise Rushen was born in Los Angeles, California. She was regarded as a child prodigy. She was still in high school when she began doing paid session work, which helped pay for her college education. In her teens, she won the prestigious 1972 Monterey Jazz Festival. She earned her degree in music from the University of Southern California. Patrice Rushen released her first record for Prestige which was titled "Preclusion", when she was a mere 19 years old in 1973. After leaving Prestige for the Elektra label, Rushen began pursuing the R&B side of her sound and developing her chops as a singer- songwriter. In 1978 she released her breakthrough album titled "Patrice" which put her on the map with her single "When I Found You'. It has been musical history ever since.

As stated above, Patrice Rushen is accomplished in singing as well as in composing music. She has done the soundtrack for several movie films including Norbit, Men IN Black, Waiting To Exhale and Indecent Proposal just to name a few. She has been the Musical Director for the 46th, 47th and 48th Annual Grammy Awards on T.V. for years 2004, 2005 and 2006. Patrice Rushen plays the piano, percussion [drums], clarinet and flute.

Patrice Rushen was a musical prodigy who's parents enrolled her in music classes at the University of Southern California at the age of three (3). Imagine attending a class on a college campus at three (3) years old!! Patrice has been married for 23 years [soon to be 24 years in January 2010]. Her husband is named Marc St. Louis and they have one son. Patrice's nickname is "Babyfingers' due to her height which is a petite 4 ft 10 inches tall. Check out her website as it shares a lot about her and her musical accomplishments.

Give it up for R & B trailblazer / legend, Patrice Rushen!!

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Patrice Rushen is the truth. Got all of her jams. I used to jam "Watch Out" on my college radio show in '87. I've got her stuff on vinyl, cassette and CD. I saw her in concert in '84 when she came to my alma mater Iowa. She opened up for Jeffery Osborne and had come out with the album "Now", with the jam "Feels So Real". She's still the baddest keyboardist. Sorry Alicia Keys.
You like FEEL SO REAL, Kimberly?? Okay then, here you go, love!!



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