Scenario... Ladies... you are laying on your side with your back towards us as we wrap our arms around you holding you tight at night....

tic toc

tic toc

tic toc

mmmm... you feel a little nudge up against your backside that of a small rock.... you know what it is... yeah... YOU KNOW EXACTLY what it is....

is it me.. or some women too tired to just

arch your back, stick your butt out so I can stick it in...

What am I supposed to do with you still laying on your side and your legs closed... well actually sometimes at 3oclock.. some of you are VERY moist.. is it a dream or something you all had? I don't know.. .because it's just there... sweating.. sweating like folks in august at a Houston bus stop.. So, to continue, why not arch your back, stick your butt out so we can put it in? I mean.. at least lift your leg up! Girl don't act like you sleep... you know what this is... hey... WHO told your ass to sleep in underwear??? Isn't that against the rules anyway? Well at least it's a g-string... either way, it's getting pulled to the side..... Arch your back please...

some of us aren't what you see in the porn movies with the 12 inch penis where we could lay on our back and snake our way inside of you.. no no no.. that's not it.. . matter of fact...

who wants 12 inches anyway?

I mean.. that's like what? A foot of penis? Are you serious.. everyone

wait.. i mean EVERYONE... fellas ladies... look down at you feet. Most of us guys in here wear like what? a 10? an 11? 12 maybe? that's a DAMN FOOT. What woman that WE need in our life, REQUIRES a foot of penis? I mean seriously.. now ladies.. look at YOUR feet.. most of you probably wearing an 8.. how about a 9.. but that's not close to 12 inches..

Do we need to have surgery so we can lay on our backs and snake our way around so that we can find that moist ovaloffice to conduct a meeting? Seriously, Arch your back, stick your butt out.. and it will work... I mean.. lift your leg up or something..we will help you keep in in the air...

personally, when one of the legs are up in the air, I am thankful that I can smooze... (well that sounds like a good name for it.. ) you know.. smoozing.. ..

OK wait.. let me break it down..
the man and woman are both on the sides.. .the sexual act that you are making and "worming on your side is like.." mmm. smoozing? yeah. i made that up but it sounds like something I would call it.. like I would whisper in your ear at 4:02am and be like.. "spppp.. . left the leg up, arch your back and stick your butt out while I SMOOOZE a little and stick it in"? does that about? ok.. but continuing...

I've been privy not to have my penis flip out when when I'm smoozing it in .. can't say it has never happened.. I guess this is when a foot of penis comes in in handy I guess... Well.. personally.. I don't' have a foot penis but I haven't feel out of or flipped out of the penis when you arch you back and smoozing while you stick your butt out and i'm sticking it in and out... I mean.. i can't pull it ALL the way out.. because then the probability of it flipping out and me and you probably BOTH end up grabbing my penis to put it back in doesn't really embarrass but afterward some of us think..

what if i had ALMOST a foot of penis? I mean.. who knows.

Just something I was thinking about..

comments anyone?

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Jay I am LMAO you are too funny and very descriptive. Not sure what part to comment on the 12 inches, lifting my leg up, smoozing, arching my back and sticking my butt out. Some men like big breast, some think more than a mouth full is a waste. What about you? I like a perfect fit. 12 inches - thats a lot of .... ouch!
hi i would like to be your perfect fit LOL
LMAO at Jay!!!! "Sweating like folks in August at a Houston bus stop" What an analogy!!! that like a new word in the "Jay Dictionary"???? Ummmmm (still laughing) I'm not sure what question to answer first!!!

No I don't want a foot of penis in me!!!

If you ALMOST had a foot of should do know like Dirk Digglar!!! Don't bring that thing near me!!!

I don't think it should be against the rules to sleep in underware.......Some nights you have to!!! Most nights you don't. Do you sleep in your underware Jay???

There is not a lot you can do with those legs closed!!! LOL And if your tapping me on my shoulder at 3 in the morning just make sure I'm fully awake!!! And I don't have to at leave out at 5 or 6 in the morning!!!
LMBAOOOOOOOO...........Jay you are one of the reasons why I joined this group. Your stories are AAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! I can't say anything but WOOOOOW!!!
will i don't have a foot but i have the right size an you are so beuitful. we should hook up ????
Jay..thats known as the '5am bump' ALMOST every woman knows what that means, lol. hell, some women even like to pretend they are still groggy (knowin damn well if we could see their face they'd have that "deer in the headlights look"..)
WOW, sooooo much to cover in this.... First I need another "bathroom Break", thanks Jay. This FOOL (in a good way) got me ALL HAWT and sh**!.....YES, I WANT SOME SMOZZING, PLEASE....... I am DOWN with that.
Okay, the TWO reasons why MOST not ALL women wear underwear to bed is One, it's that "time of the month" and Second, WE MAD AT YOU. So when you roll over for some "smozzing" and you feel "THE GEAR"(underwear) your like WTF did I do now...but all you really have to do is work a little bit to get it. First rub our backs, while your kissing our necks, right. Then work your way down to the booty, if she don't move them legs that means give up BUT if we start to ppuurrrrr a bit and rock a bit your in there, buddy:)-............
Jay you are right about the "wet thing" in the morning, you know around that 3-4am I guess we dreaming about Jay smoozing us (LOL) N-E-Way.... I will arch my back for ya, and stick my booty all the way back for ya so you can get in there and jump start the morning love..... then I will take over and get on top and do what I do then have you finish it off from the back wit a little spanking, and hair pulling please, then........ GET OFF ME SO I CAN REST for the last 30 mins. of sleep that I have before I got to get my azz up for work.....LOL
HOLLARING............Jay's imagination...SMDH.
NO Ms. CeCe, that's REAL talk right there....LOL
wake me !!!

wake me !!!

I might lift a leg or not - I might just roll all the way over on my stomach who knows...but as long as things are right w/ me + mines there's no way I'm gonna be playing hard to get.

hell I may wake up and whisper in his ear - turn over for me papi....
Lol..... Nichole hating the couples right now me too Girl. Dang raising Leg Missionary style and praying this damn exercise helps.

Wake me up please! I will definitly assist in arching my back and lifting my leg up so you can get it. (LOL) Early morning smoozing, sex is the absolute best, it's still dark outside, we are still all comfy in the bed. Yes in deed.



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