How many Recording Artists can you name who started with a Group, then went solo?

to name a few...

Diana Ross (the Supremes)
Byonce (Destiny's Child)
Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin (The Temptations)
Dave Hollister (Black Street)

I've got lots, but will leave some for you to name...

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Michael McDonald - saw him last year. The man is brilliant in concert. You have to really be comfortable with where you are in the industry to allow one of your back-up singers to shine - and sing the show's closing song. The sistah turned the house out!

I've nothin' but respect for that brotha - Oh he's a brotha...he just doesnt know it! LOL
Shut up - Anita Baker in Chapter 8 (" I Just Wanna Be Your Girl") Whew! my sophomore year all over again!
FUNNY! Where you at Oni? I miss you, gurl!
I'm losing it! My all time favorite - SMOKEY ROBINSON - The Miracles, Smokie Robinson & The Miracles

As much as I talk about my man Smokey - and to miss listing him? I ain't trying to get my True Oldies Card Revoked!!!
Ralph Tresvant/Johnny Gill/ Bobby Brown/ Bell,Biv, DeVoe (New Edition)
Babyface (The Deal)
Charlie Wilson (Gap Band)
Dave Hollister (BlackStreet)
Aaron Hall (Guy)
R.L. (Next)
R. Kelly (Public Announcement)
Gerald LeVert (LeVert/LSG)
Big Bubb (Today)
Chico DeBarge/El DeBarge (DeBarge)
Dwayne Wiggins (Toni,Tony,Tone')
Jay-Z/Biggie/Charli Baltimore (4got the name of the group & Jay-Z was also w/ Jazz)
All of The Cash Money Millionaires went solo
Slim/Daron (112)
Alright Meka...You've got your thinkin' cap on away gurl!

I forgot that Babyface came from another group - thanks!

Everybody who came out of Guy/BlackStreet did their thing on their own.
OHHHHH..... ding, ding, ding - - -alright now, Soul - help us keep the information straight, dear!

Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds
Birth name: Kenneth Brian Edmonds
Also known as: Kenneth Edmonds Babyface
Born: April 10, 1958 (age 50)
Origin: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Genre(s): R&B/soul
Occupation(s): Singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, record producer, film producer, and entrepreneur
Instrument(s): Guitar, mandolin, keyboard
Label(s): SOLAR Records (1983?-????), Epic (1989?-2000), Arista (2001-2005), Island (2007-present)
Associated acts: After 7, The Deele, Az Yet, Jon B, Boyz II Men, Milestone, Manchild
Oh, I spelled it wrong, y'all! Sorry, Sincere1 & Thank you, Mr. Soul! ; )
Gurl...ain't nobody doin' spell check up in here - unless it's their name - we can figure out what you meant! We're just enjoying the exchange of information, memories, and music!

It's OK to miss the mark on information - I do it, too! Our friends are quite diplomatic in how they gently correct us.
Jerry Bulter-Imperssions
Gerald Levert-Lervert
Luther Vandross- Change
Pattie Labelle- labelle
Micheal Jackson - Jackson 5



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