Hello Fam - I've watched four times - it's amazing! Please watch the video, THEN come back and read below.

(That audience riddiculed this woman and gave the audience a shock. She actually started exiting the stage - knowing they wouldn't accept her...I can't stop watching it!)

LONDON -- A middle-aged volunteer church worker with the voice of an angel is Britain's latest unlikely showbiz star.

Susan Boyle, 47, wowed judges and audience alike when she performed on television contest "Britain's Got Talent."

By Tuesday, a video clip of Boyle's performance on Internet site YouTube has been watched more than 2.7 million times.

The unemployed Scot who said she'd "never been kissed" drew titters when she told the judges her ambition was to be a professional singer.

But her soaring rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical "Les Miserables" astonished the show's hard-to-please judges.

They were captivated by the singer from Blackburn in western Scotland. Usually acerbic judge Simon Cowell dubbed her singing "extraordinary." Fellow judge Piers Morgan said her "stunning" performance was "the biggest surprise I've had in three years of this show."

The show, the first in a new series of "Britain's Got Talent," was watched by 11.4 million of Britain's 60 million people on Saturday night.

British bookmakers made Boyle the early favorite to win the series.

She is the latest in a proud tradition of underdogs who win the heart of the British public.

The program, sister show of "America's Got Talent," made a star of its first winner, an unassuming mobile phone salesman named Paul Potts. He wowed audiences with his rendition of the aria "Nessun Dorma" and has become a global recording star since winning the series -- and signing to Cowell's record label -- in 2007.

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Wow I truly hopes she wins
I was intrigued by this woman's voice. But, I was a little miffed that people looked at her, and listened to her - then automatically wrote her off as a country bumpkin - that they couldn't imagine her havingany talent. Boy, did she prove them wrong!
yes she did just goes to show you can't judge a book by it's cover
Susan Boyle can sing her butt off..Simon was speechless...
yeah - Lowanda - the look on ALL of their faces was priceless!
That was wonderful. Made me cry.
Here's Elaine Paige - the woman of whom she referred. I think Miss Boyd is much better than the professional! There are several video attachments.
I agree with you Lynetta, Ms. Boyd sounds much better than this lady.
That gyration Ms Boyle did in the beginning was so funny!
This was fabulous!!! This woman's singing brought tears to my eyes. I hated that the judges and audience prejudged her. She could beat everyone on American Idol if she was in this country.
It's now airing everywhere. I hope people GET the double message within the video. Not only did everyone LOOK at her and ASSUME she had nothing to offer, but they laughed as if she were a joke. Prejudice is alive and well all over the world. People who have never experienced being LOOKED at and judged have no clue how hurtful it is.
she was great... she has one of those voices that can make a disney song...if you were just to hear her voice and not have seen her you would probally picture her in her 20s....awesome voice i hope she wins....



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