Our newly re-energized diet and fitness "spark" continues! We're about to take it to the next level. An after-hours discussion in the Mix Mansion has led to the emergence of a new focus project, "MY NEW ME", spearheaded by our own "Urban Tony Robbins": Ken C. aka K-Groove. Designated by our House Momma Lynetta to be our "coach", Ken has come up with a foundation and plan to get the family on the right path to overall wellness with diet and exercise through support, sharing, choices and commitment. His concept is as follows:

The Memory Lane “MY NEW ME” Plan

1. Define your destination; your “GOAL”. Set a specific, measurable goal with a “by-when” achievement deadline. (Lose 10 pounds by April 21st; Drop 3 inches from waistline by July 15th, etc.)

2. Write down and COMMIT to a daily or weekly Action Plan that is consistent with your GOAL.

3. Identify your obstacles. Clearly list the things, conditions, people and/or situations that are likely to interrupt or interfere with your Action Plan. (Let’s talk about ways to overcome these.)

4. Prepare to deal with “breakdown” (any interruption in your progress). These happen, so anticipate them and plan ahead. Develop strategies for eliminating or overcoming disruptions so you can quickly get back on track.

5. STAY COMMITTED to working your Action Plan. Remind yourself EVERY DAY that achieving your goal is “WHAT’S IMPORTANT!” (Post a copy on your refrigerator door!)

Confer and share notes with participating family members regarding your progress - AND THEIRS. Discuss questions and any points of concern you have, and offer helpful suggestions to others if you have any.

While this will NOT be the place to seek or offer professional or medical advice, your anecdotal experiences might be as helpful to someone else as theirs might be for you.

And above all, offer your sincere words of support and encouragement to everyone in this program. That’s what this project - and this family - are all about. In united commitment we are on the path to becoming A HEALTHY ‘NEW’ COMMUNITY starting NOW! Working together we’ll have each other’s backs, and we can look forward to sharing and celebrating everybody’s ultimate success stories! LET’S GO!!

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Good Morning Family.  Weighed in today at 219.7.  May have to do a  little adjustment to my goal weight of 200 by June but still gonna give  it the old college try. :o).  Invested in a pedommeter and trying to gradually get up to walking a mile.  Forgot how many steps that is but trying to do at least 2000 steps a day.  Been as close as 1800.  Keep me lifted folks I can't make it without you,  Together we can meet all of our goals.  Love Ya!

Hey Family.  I know you ladies will appreciate this milestone...I can buckle my bra in the second row without cutting off circulation wooo hooo!!!!!!  LOL Thanks for all your support!  Love Ya!

LOL - WOW, TMI - Oh my, I just got the visual!  Congratulations, my friend!  I DO feel your pain!

Ok Sistakat you go gurl I'm almost there.....Congratulations

Hey family just wanted to let you know that I joined Planet Fitness on Wednesday and have an appt on Thursday with a trainer to design my workout.  Kind of excited cause I can go after work.

I love Planet Fitness although my life has been way busy in the past few weeks and I haven't been able to go as often.  I had an appointment with a trainer and they called to tell me to reschedule as she had gotten sick. - Got busy and couldn't do so, but I'm climbing back in the saddle tomorrow - let's do this Terri!

I won't be where I hoped to be by the M&G, but I'm still gonna do it!

Arighty then.  This M&G was OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!  I had soooooo much fun and bonded with my family.  Time to get ready for the Cruise in 2015 wooo hoo.  Starting in at 226.8. Goal is 160  by ship departure.  Will post plan in a couple days.  I love you all (in my best Dorothy voice),

I agree with you Sistakat The M&G was OFF THE CHAIN, but now is the time to get back to the work at hand. As soon as my ribs heal completely I'm back in the gym, started walking again. Gonna try for 150 by the Cruise in 2015....

We can do this Dee. I'm right there with you 150%.  I'll be going to the gym in about two weeks.  We've had rain everyday for the past  week and my knee is really hurting. But as soon as this rain spell is over...in the gym i'm gonna have bidness lol

The Atlanta M&G was GREAT! I finally got within hugging distance of the beautiful ladies in my extended M.L. family. Looking forward to doing it all over again in 2015. That event gives us another good reason  to continue doing all we can to reach our health and fitness goals. Glad to see you girls getting back on track and sharing that all-important mutual support. Let's keep it going.



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