I posted this discussion in another group a while ago and got some interesting response so I decided to post it here also....This morning I was listening to 97.1, a radio station here in Montgomery and they have identified this week as relationship week. Anyway, there were a couple of women on the show that spoke on what they look for in a mate and what they bring to the table. As the show ended, the host asked all of the women if they saw a man that they wanted to pursue, would they approach him? Out of the 7 women he asked, only 1 said that she would approach the man. Why is it that men have to be the one to pursue/initiate the connection? I remember about a week or two ago i went out with some friends and this lady starred me down at the resturaunt. She smiled, had a somewhat "funny lookin" flirty look, and kept walkin past the table. Not once did she say a word to me. I don't understand it. Women could probably be missing out on their "dream man", all because they won't initiate the connection. Please explain...

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He doesn't have to, he can miss out all together.... lol j/k

It works both ways, but I'm not mad at you approaching me... I appreciate the effort, show of interest, and hey don't be made if i whistle at choo babe...
Let me find out that you standing outside of the train station talkin bout "pssssst! papi!... can I talk to you for a minute!" LOLOLO
lmao right! Best believe if i'm a doin that? he on some Chango type ish, he gosta be one HECK of a specimen, i Mean he besta be exuding some hella surreal like aura for me to wanna do dat, u kno how WE do!
LOL Lav I'm seriouz! You married womenz... gonna haff ta pray fa me!! lol*
"now i lay me down to sleep..." (prayin fa SB!)... LOL (prayin fa Lav too, just cause she need constant prayer!) LOLOLOLO
Gimme a double-shot of prayer , caus y'all gurl been show'n her azz!!
Big time!! LOL (whispering to Crys u know how I do it)
lookin off into the distance with my dark shades on... "yeah, I know... I know... !" LOL
I would never approach a man that I was interested in. I am too shy for that. I believe that the man should approach the woman. Now I will give him signs that I am interested and if he doesnt pick up from that then I guess its to bad for both of us. I would love to change but it has not happened as of yet.



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