Young men should know the true origin of 'sagging' and be able to discern the facts from the myths.  Knowledge is power and our young men deserve the chance to make an educated decision about the images they promote. 

A lot of young men may view sagging as a form of rebellion: a way of saying they are not conforming.  The funny thing is that's exactly what they're doing, pulling away from mainstream society's idea of compliance but conforming to peer pressure. 

It might come as a surprise to most people that sagging dates back centuries; not just within the past decade or so.  But at that time, sagging wasn't a fashion statement!  During slavery, slaves were forced to wear oversized clothing to discourage escapes.  It was thought that escape attempts would be prevented if the slaves couldn't run.

Sagging has since gone from physical captivity to mental enslavement!  If we took time to educate our young men that slaves were deprived of the well-fitting pants that we take for granted today, they might start to take more pride in their appearance and want to pull their pants up!  

The Glamor of doing time

Today's sagging is a symptom of incarceration.  Although there is some truth to the age-old rumor of sagging being a 'sexual signal' in prison, it is still a symptom and not the cause.  Before prison jumpsuits, inmates were issued uniforms based on what was available and in many cases, those uniforms were oversized.  Prisoners also weren't issued belts as a deterrent of murder and suicide.

Gang bangers continued to 'sag' their pants after being released from prison to signify that they had 'done time'.  Over time, rappers glorified the 'gang' look and the sagging fad was born. 

Of course, your son is fascinated with the idea of being a 'gangsta' but is he aware of the sexual nuances associated with sagging?  What he may not know is the sexual aspect of sagging like those on the website Saggers Gone Wild.

The tagline on states:

Welcome to  This site is all about those hot, muscular bad boys in saggy pants.  Here, the pants hang low and the boxers show.  We offer 100% original photos and videos of guys in baggy pants that you can't find anywhere else!  You're just a few clicks away from the hottest saggers on the net!

Some young men don't even know the sexual signals they're sending to men who are attracted to saggers which is much more widespread than many of us think!  Your son probably doesn't even realize that he's the silent focus of lustful eyes as he walks down the street with his jeans sagging.

On the other hand, there are the young men who actually do realize the sexual implications of wearing the sagging style.  Many people wonder why there are so many Black men on the 'DL' but we've actually created this environment by incarcerating so many of our Black men.  While behind bars, many of our brothers become accustomed to same-sex encounters.  Once released from prison, they continue to pursue the man-to-man sex that they grew to enjoy as a way of life while in jail.

These men normally don't consider themselves gay because they don't fit the stereotypical description of what most people consider a gay man.  They're comfortable with their sexuality because their masculinity allows them to mask the signs that would otherwise cause them to be classified as gay. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that all saggers are gay nor does our organization intend to come across as homophobic.  Our aim is only to provide our youth with the knowledge of the implications of the sagging style including the fact that they are subjecting themselves to the potential of unwelcome sexual advances.

Educate your young man about his choices

Most attendees of our workshops succumb to peer pressure when it relates to the sagging style and admit that they wear their pants sagging just to fit in.  It is our obligation as responsible adults to give our young men options that empower them with a sense of self-pride.

It's time we encourage young men to 'rise above' trends and define their own personal style.  We must let every young man know that he doesn't have to bow to peer pressure.  If the majority of young men have the opportunity to develop a positive self-image, the negative one will fade and few will want to be associated with it.  Once the new concept of 'fitting in' has a positive spin then fitting in will be a good thing! 

The No More Sagging Pants Initiative is a movement that prompts our youth to take pride in their self-image.  We have taken on the task of embracing young men with love and acceptance: the prerequisites to positive self-esteem.  We strive to encourage young men to 'want to pull up their pants' instead of forcing them to with ambiguous, ineffective and unconstitutional legislation. 

We have chosen eBay as the perfect avenue to make our posters available to the public.  Purchasing through eBay offers our supporters a secure and fail-safe method to ensure that the transaction is processed in a timely manner.  The good news is the posters are available for a small investment of only $7.50 each! 

Take this opportunity to initiate dialog with the young men in your life to help them understand the ramifications of his choices when wearing the sagging style.  Help empower our young men with a positive image and constant reminder that one's appearance is important! 

We appreciate your support and ask that you share this opportunity with your family, friends and associates as we move forward to make a difference in the lives of our youth!



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