Large women are very beautiful women, and I am not just talking physically, let me explain.

Plus size women can be enjoyable to laugh with. Have you ever laugh with a plus size woman?
Laughing with her makes you forget your problems. They are sensitive, they feel, and they can think. I think this is because they as a group are so mistreated for being plus size, so they learned how to analyze and read people.

They smell so good all the time. Have you looked at their hands? So manicured, so together, and lets not mentioned feet, their feet will drive you crazy.

Their skin? Put a large woman next to a skinny woman the same age. The large woman skin will look so creamy, so milky looking, so delicious. The skinny woman skin will look more dry, less alive.

The plus size woman puts herself into her man so that when she hugs you, kiss you, touch you, looks at you, talks to you, you feel so much sensation all over your body.

The plus size woman always tries to look good, no matter if she is black, hispanic, white.

She makes the man enjoy being the man with her.

There are many good looking thin women in the world too, but I think that the plus size women are so put down that they got in touch with their inner self and basically made war with the thin woman.

They are in competition, and they are doing well because, they give so much attention to themselves as large women, when they come out! BAM they are delicious, fine, sensual, clean, intelligent, sexy.

On top of all of this, they can cook the grandmothers way.

Now you go visit a plus size woman, have meaningful conversation, enjoy looking at someone who is kepted up, she treats you so deliciously like a man, feeds you in a complete way, then she lay your head in her lap and takes her fingers and slowly run them through your hair, and on your face, and she is into you. How would you rate such a woman? FINE. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET WITH THE PLUS SIZE WOMEN.


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preach on brotha i aint that big,but i like ur toughts
This is so true chester!!! We as plus size women love to dress and smell good! Ya know the whole nine!!! We will always keep up with the fashion!! Our men....well lets say a big girl knows how to keep him and feed him. After all the best way to a mans heart is through is belly!!! LOL!!!!
Plus size women, for the most part, know that it is the internal woman that makes themselves so enjoyable. This internal woman shows through in all that she do. She knows how to talk to a man and enjoy his company. I am sure thin women can do equal, but the plus size woman seem to do this effortless.
I think that plus size women grew up hated for being large. They heard every put down imaginable. I think they decided that they were not going to be the way many thin women can be toward them. The results are that plus size women give attention to the inside out person. You end up with a woman who is just adorable, and this is especially true when she is confident within herself. So you plus size women continue to be who you are, because you do make a big difference in how to conduct yourselves.
Chester u know oh too well... I appreciate ur insight...
Just speaking the truth. it is so nice to view a plus size woman who carries herself in a dignified way. When she walks in a room and everyone looks, it not because she is large (lol) no no. It is because she awesomely has it going on.
I went on a job interview and a plus size lady interviewed me. 2 hours later I had to admit, such a pleasant and enjoyable interview and, I was offered the job but, couldn't accept due to hours. my point is that when I saw who was going to interview me, i knew i was going to have a wonderful interview because this woman knew how to make me feel comfortable yet, she was so professional. We ended up talking about reading books and other things.
So you plus ladies, keep up the great work at making yourself enjoyable to communicate with.
Aaaawww thanks Chester boo!!! So true...

Can we tell the world!

My size 16 makes me a plus size woman!
I work out regularly.....I am a vegetarian with a good diet....I am voluptuous and vivacious!

Yes, I love all of that! I am daily complimented on my clothes, hair, scent, intellect, humor, compassion, cooking, friendship, complexion, the way I carry myself, my speech, my creativity and other women, even the skinny ones, even strangers! And the few guy friends who are not afraid to speak for fear of thinking I might be interested!

Brothers, listen up!


so true....LOL!
I heard that BelovedQ.  Ain't NO SHAME!
In this life, there are to many women and men who play so many games, don't know how to keep it real. I have women friends who are plus size women, I love them dearly as my friends, but I have notice all of what you say Q. These women are so fun to hang out with, so intelligent. In fact, they will come off talking to you, as if they are learning from you, but then you realize that they are teaching you more than you know about true relationship, whether friends or more. Can anyone relate to this? Maybe all of us should be plus size. No that is not the way we were created, we all come in different shapes and sizes, this is a blessing, but it would make the world more interesting. This is just my view point, and I am sure many will disagree. It is just nice to know so many plus size women who are so adorable and can keep life interesting but more importantly real. Unfortunately that can be a curse for plus size women too because, some take advantage of this. PLUS SIZE WOMEN CONTINUE TO BE INTERNALLY BEAUTIFUL, AND THE WORLD WILL SEE TRUE BEAUTY AT WORK.
I join the group for the plus size woman because what society calls plus I consider normal and beatiful to my eye. I went the thin route once years ago, and ran as fast as I possibly could to where I feel I will always belong , if I am fortunate again to get a hook-up with one my normal(plus-size) beauty of passion in life; a well dressed and a real woman that could be my Queen
I agree with you that, normal or plus size women truly offer much much more to life. Two woman in the gated community where I live were going to work one day, I was coming home from work. One lady I smelled accross two (small) lanes of traffic, and the other lady is my neighbor, and she too smelled excellent, smelled clean. Their hair, clothes, was together. Even their car was cleaned, they clean their own car. Thin woman smell good, dress good, and clean their car too. But in a world where large is put down so much, the plus size women do shine so noticably & beautifully.



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