Okay guys I was talking to a male friend who says he met a female who only wants to have oral sex. He said that she told him she won't have vaginal sex because she is not ready for that. I was shocked because if she is not ready for vaginal sex how could she be ready for oral? My question is this, men if you met a woman who only wanted to have oral sex what would you think?

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I just want to know is this a new trend or something?
No this isn't new. This was going on back when we were in junior/senior high school. I'm sure a lot of us heard about that one girl or group of girls that likes to "lick it", "suck it" or "give head". We continued to hear that through college and into the workforce when we go out.

People are just more open about it today.
Hi Angie,

I'm curious, what is the age of the female?
She is 38 or 39 I think. This just seems strange to me, why would a female only want to give some head? What is she getting out of it. I think that maybe she is trying to turn him out or something! lol
Im sayin I know that a new trend for these teeny boppers but a grown woman? Strange indeed. Let her kno tho' theres a 2 for 1 sale @ goodys for umpire knee pads. they damn near indestructable!
WOW, i'm with Mike, I thought it was some teeny bopper thing ...
Maybe she's savin' the goodies for the wedding night. That's certainly her right. Your friend just needs to evaluate his committment level and future goals. No need for either of them to be uncomfortable because of the different goals...just keep it movin'..
He told me that the female doesn't want a relationship. She claims that she is to busy with her everyday life. She ended her 7 yr marriage about 5 months ago. This is her way of getting back in the groove of dating other guys. I don't know it don't make sense to me. But this is a good friend of mine and I don't want him to get hurt. He told me that she has been to his house twice and both times she did him but didn't want him to do her. Maybe she is really a man! lol
????? I know your wife man... Jawbone! Wait y you mad? I never slept wit her!
I could care less as long as I can get some of the pie, just been real. Maybe she's just scared from the stories she have heared from her friends about the first time. At her age it's very strange to hear something like that.

The first time for what? She is not a virgin!



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