Why do women feel the need to go through their man’s personal belongings? (i.e. cell phone) Is it do to trust issues in the relationship or just her women’s intuition? If she does happen to snoop, should she enlighten him of her wrong doings?

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BLK PHOENIX: I spit out my Pepsi reading your response!! Too damn funny!!! I love it though!!!
Some are just jacked up mentally and do dumb shyt
Others have been hurt so they TRY to find stuff so they can b**** abt it yet not leave
Yet others are qued in by observing weird behavior so they look to validate whatever else is going on
OMG!! 2Good ... I left the other discussion because I had "too many" questions and couldn't stop LMAO to even type em down...lol Now I come to "this" discussion and you're telling us that your ex girl was caught going through your stuff... If that's not enough.... the fact that you wanted to beat her azz tops the cake...rotflmao....

No one could just "make this stuff up"... hollerin...lol

Somewhere there is a gay man reading all this saying.... "This is some bullshyt... This lesbian can come in here and immediately get accepted but those same muthafukkas would run me out of town"... LOL

It is what it is??
To Blk Phoenix: Bummer...but give us a chance. 2Good2BTrue is already my friend and I hope you will be, too. Like most of the people that I know here on ISC, I only shun people who have toxic attitudes, both online and off.
Nope. I will NOT do searches, shake-downs, interrogations, or try to track down a man who doesn't want to be found. Either be right for me or be gon-n-ne! I went to pick a friend up for bowling league one evening. She has 5 children between 6-12, and none of them were at home. As we left her house, I asked her where everybody was and she replied, "Girl, I don't know. They're outside somewhere." O-kay. But here's what floored me: During our 10-minute drive to the lanes she made 6-7 phone calls trying to locate...her man.
Folks who do that are either insecure, have trust issues or are simply nosy mofos. I have no respect for those who go snooping through their mates' stuff. As someone said, when you start snooping, you might as well kiss your relationship goodbye.
it's a trust issues men have been callled dogs for so long..that the stereo type leads women not to trust us..so they snoop hoping to find something to uphold the stereo of being a dog..and when they dont find nothing..she still insecure.....
People snoop because they are insecure and have doubts in the relationship.

Snooping can really mess up a good relationship.

I don't snoop, I will leave someone who snoops on me.

End of Story.
I feel that if my man is giving me a helluva good reason to snoop, then I need to do what I need to do to gather my evidence before confronting him. I don't want to accuse him of doing something based on a gut feeling or a suspicion alone...I need some hard evidence. Gossip and hearsay from my friends isn't hard evidence either. I need to see everything with my own two eyes.

Helluva good reason to snoop = keeping his cell phone locked, phone calls at ridiculous hours (emergency calls don't count, but who gets emergency calls regularly?), not wanting to answer his phone in my presence, going in another room to talk on the phone, etc.
In my opinion there are a whole lot of different reasons for this action. Any many have been spoken on here. Signals, distrust, changing up on your behavior when your woman enters the room. Sneaking on the phone. Insecurity. Through MY experiences, I believe even if a man loves you dearly, the only thing that you can put trust in is him making home first. It does not mean he will make home the ONLY thing on his agenda, but . . . . . first. There are so many men in my family that talk about the ratio of men to women, and how there are 5-8 women for every 1 man. How he can go out and pick and choose. It really makes it hard for the woman who works then goes home to make sure home is good and right for her and her man/children. Men almost ALWAYS GET MORE OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP than the woman does. I wouldn't be snooping, but I would not be pretending to be blind either. And another thing, a man should not be so careless as to allow his woman to FEEL that he is doing something with someone else. Examples: lipstick on the collar, not answering his phone, the phone ringing in the middle of the night, staying out late (often), bills unpaid, acting distance, always having something else to do other than what she wants. Have a little regard.



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