You're feeling this guy. You've talked on the phone and been on a couple of dates. he acts as if he's completely attracted to you. You deicde to take it to the bedroom, and in the midst of sex you notice his eyes closed. You continue til the end and realize he had his eyes closed damn near the entire time.

So you start thinking...

Was he imagining about his Ex?
Is he imagining certain attributes I don't have?
Am I too ugly for them to look at?

If you like what you see, why close your eyes?

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Dam girl it could be the feeling is good and if he looks at you as well he might c** too soon. HAHA(smile), If this is the first time he might be concertration on all that he feels. Do he turn his head away also. If this is the case check the breath.
Now thats the type of answer I like to hear :) Even though the closed eyes makes you absent from the entire experience. Soul gazing can be a turn on for some.
Nikki, I look at you because I love seeing a woman eyes roll in back of there heads and I love kissing and going as deep as it goes to love ths lusting spirit and the passionate heart and the searching soul were a woman release the sweet nectar from the fountain of youth between her thighs.
I can't believe you took it there John. It's nice to know your style but now I'm .......
John ... you need to quit ... check the breath
I'm looking right at you, no doubt...for one, my wallet is on that little
Are you ever serious Mr. Brian? Honestly, do you ever close your eyes? if so, whats the real reason?
that was serious...and it would be the same reason you close yours. A lot of women close theirs because they wish it was somebody else...
I might close my eyes but I would never close my eyes and wish it was someone else. Maybe if I get married and I get tired of the same ole same ole. If I'm wishing it was someone else there's no way I can continue. I like to call out names..... I'm too scared I might call out the person I wish I was with.
Just yell out "Ohhh X !!" , that should cover it....LoL
i keep my eyes closed not bc i'm thinking of another man... bc i like the way sex sounds... i want to hear every sound.... Nikki no disrespect but that sounds like an esteem thing on your part... why would you take him closing his eyes during sex no less to mean any of the things that you mentioned above???
The way sex sounds, now that's sexy!



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