Ok, I have a question....When did Steve Harvey get his license to become a relationships expert?


Does 2 failed marriages make you an expert?....The man is on his 3rd marriage....


His first 2 wives claimed that he physically abused them and he even paid he second wife 10million in a settlement to not release the book she was about to write detailing the abuse etc.


Now he is writing books and trying to advise women on how to understand, get and keep a man....Experience is a good teacher but, if that is the case then we are ALL experts!!!!....


Not to mention, he is telling all of the man secrets on how we deal with things just to sell books and make himself some more money (probably to recover some of the 10 million that he paid out to keep her quiet)....


Women are buying them books like hot cakes and I guess they feel they are learning something but he isn't telling you anything that you don't already know or haven't experienced first hand....


What is your take on it?

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Good Morning Mercury


I have to say that I disagree with the way that you are calling WILL out! I say this because, Will has said, just yesterday he said how committed he was to his marriage of so many years.  Will also went on to let out his feelings and said how he did everything in his power to make his marriage work... I feel like sometimes because we haven't been on previous post to know the person that your talking about we tend to peg them as something that their not..

IMO all the guys here are ture to who they are and they don't apologize for it, nothing wrong with that because you get the uncut, raw and simple truth everyone can't handle that truth of a man being honest.  Some women are not honest with themselves enough to except when a man tells them the truth about something. If  a man tells a woman that he doesn't want to be bothered leave his azz alone don't try to convince him that he has made the wrong decision.

Single, Married or in a relationship, I bought the book I read every single damn page and it's nothing that my Kountry azz Uncles, cousins and grandfather did say as I was growing up.  SH I'm not hatin on the brotha for making his money... But his book is not my bible... So what doesn't help me may help someone else.IMO!


Always Love

Living and Breathing at the same time.

Lemme see ...


Been in two marriages ... got two divorces ... writes a a couple of relationship books ... (some) women buy 'em ... makes money ... gets viewed and quoted as authority on relationships


So based on that ... my 2 marriages & divorces will make my forthcoming book oughta be a bestseller!! I'll (finally) be independently wealthy and I can quit looking for a job in this screwed up economy! (NOT!!)


The only "credentials" Steve Harvey has ... that SOME people are paying attention to ... is his media presence and his "appearance" of money.That's part of our collective problem ... we don't believe schitt stank till somebody that's been on TV and/or in a pulpit tells us it is!


As for the content of Steve's books ... well ain't none of 'em have graced my shelf yet and most of what I know is 3rd party hearsay. I flipped through his books and scanned over his book jackets while in the book store! So far that was money well-saved!

Steve Harvey is a King of Comedy...sure, he's an expert on manhood. So am I and any other responsible, well-intentioned man on the planet. But that does NOT make him a relationship expert.

I guess women are buying into his celebrity....he is doing his thing in the entertainment industry.

I agree....he's not telling women anything new. In fact, I believe he's essentially telling women we all think like dogs and players and to treat us as such. SMH.


I guess Steve is like the rest of the Authors that writes about relationships, their are so many of them, you can take your pick.......they make good  money....So he decided to join in ....Its a good livin from the looks of it....A really nice career....

Haven't we done this topic 10,000 times already?
Have we?....I dunno, is there a way to check the archives to see if a post has been ran before we post a topic?

Steve is taking his life experience and profiting from it.  Which is the smartest thing to do if you ever been through something.  We all could probably put our circumstances in a book but the problem is that we don't have the platform that Steve has created.  He didn't start off as an author but once the notoriety came, he capitalized.  I can't blame him or any of the women that are countering him with their own book.  There is a market for everything if you find the audience. 


When I started MHW, I thought I would tell some of the so called secrets of men but if you think about it, none of what we say are secrets.  They are situations we have all been through but people choose the one to dredge up the ones relevent to them.  I have surpressed a lot of topics, most in fear of facing them but eventually will have to and that's what a lot of people do daily.

@Brian, THANK YOU..................

Brian, yes, thank youuuu!


The same guys who are mad about Harvey's book ONLY feel that way because they think, somehow, it'll cause them to miss out on poontang.


5-10 years from now, many of the SAME men will buy Harvey's book for their daughters to read, hoping they'll STOP giving their poontang to pigs.


Go figure!!!



IF everyone who made one (or more) serious mistakes in his/her lifetime wrote a book about it, fewer people could/would/SHOULD be here knocking Steve Harvey for having made his.


The thing is Steve Harvey is the first to admit he'd been a royal azzhole for most of his life. It took a woman who walked out on him FOR being an azzhole to make Harvey realize that by hurting women, he'd hurt himself. That same woman is now Harvey's 3rd wife and he loves the ground she walks on.





@Charlee, THANK YOU...................



I can care less about Steve making money of women buying this book. I just wonder why women act like the things that he says is brand new. I am sure that most women have heard that advice and much more from family and friends but chose to ignore it until some high profile person says it.


To answer you question about:



LADIES GET IT FOR FREE HERE BUT IT GETS SHUNNED OR DEBATED BECAUSE THE MEN HERE ARE NOT HIGH PROFILE. It takes Steve Harvey, Micheal B, Tyler Perry or some pastor say the same thing and it's taken as the gospel. I Ain't Mad at none of them from making money off of yall.


Will someone here please tell me the name of a Best Selling Book that teaches men about women that is on point? I don't know or never heard of any.



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