Can you really love someone but not like them at the same time? Is the first step of love, like? Can one exist without the other?

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Yes, I think it's possible to Love someone but not like them. One can exist without the other. It usually comes at a time when the "Love" came 1st then the trifflin mofo did something to make us not even "like" their azz..... lol

In that narrow band of time just before we "stop" loving their azz... we love em but don't "like" em.
I definitely been there and done that!
NO!!! Love/like is one in the same to me. However, I'm special and LOVE everyone, even those I don't know. I do think you can love someone and be extremely disappointed in them at the same time, without having that disappointment move into dislike/hate.
I hope this is not too far off topic: I love kids (teenagers) with all my heart and soul, but I don't like them very much. There are some exs, family members and friends I feel the same way about.
Oh damm... I never even thought of my family members that I love but don't
Yes, you can love someone and at times not like them.

Love,while similar to like is not the same thing. You can like one thing but love something else. Example......I love Aerosmith, but only like Rock Music. Though Aerosmith is a rock band, and they make rock music, the way I feel about their music is different than how I feel about rock music as a whole.

You can love someone, but they can do things you don't like ( don't like you when you are drunk, I don't like you when you are around your friends). It is not that you really don't like them, sometimes it is their actions in certains situations.

There are even people that if you think about it, if you didn't love them, you would not associate with them. Love makes you accept things you don't like.
Without a doubt you can love someone and not like them. I remember as a teenage my mother told me I love you but I really don't like you right now. LOL

There are people I really don't like, but if anything was to happen to them I'd cry at their funeral because of the love I have them.
I was in love with a woman and I couldn't stand that b*tch.

Hell, it looks crazy when I see it. Maybe my friends were right....LOL
Hey Nia!!

Can you really love someone but not like them at the same time?

Ya. You can def love really love someone but, not like them. Got kids? JK, LOL.

I agree with Jmap that some family you love out of genealogical connection but, don't really know much about them so, you can't really like them. There are those friends an family that you love from a distance because of certain things you do know about them and, decidedly don't like, which makes you not like them as people but, you wouldn't turn your back on them if they needed you.

Is the first step of love, like?
It can be but, doesn't have to b in all cases regarding love. IMO, in the first stages of a romantic relationship, like will come first 9 out 10 times. Except, of course, in the rare instances of love at first sight.

Can one exist without the other?
Sure. How many times have you liked a person without loving them in your own life? Or loved someone so much that the only feeling you have for them is love no matter how they make you feel at any given time. Even when disappointment, regret, anger, and other negatives feeling set in, they are only temporary plus they don't demand a dislike in order to be expressed.

Good topic, sis.




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