Because of my current situation in looking for a job, I have been considering getting a male roommate. I am terrible at people living with me because I like things a certain way. But I thought I have to be able to put all of that aside right now! SMH!


THE KICKER: What if it's someone that likes you? Should I just try and develop and understanding before I say SURE COME ON LIVE WITH ME? LOL! The last thing I'm looking for is a love connection.

2nd Question: How do I handle the situation of the attraction that he has for me?


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don't tempt fate



So beautiful.
New here.....I believe that such a relationship can work if each individual respect their boundaries and understand the consequences of the boundaries if violated because what if you find someone to date or vise-versa, would everyone be happy?

Welcome La Rue


Yeah! I agree with you some boundaries do need to be set if it happens. As I said, IT"S AL L UP IN THE AIR!

I wouldn't want and unwanted love connections LOL!


Thank you again welcome

Ummmm, you know DAG ON Well that is not a good idea to have a man that likes you moving in even IF you lay the ground rules!!!....That is just an invitation for disaster....You have already made if clear that you aren't interested in him like that (so you say) but still, that will be misleading to him....


On another note, you will BOTH be tempted, him because he already likes you and you because you have mentioned quite frequently how you have been without a man for 20+ months and you are ready for love....If you don't want love with him, you shouldn't invite the temptation....(Not implying that you are desperate or something but, shyt happens when you might be a little vulnerable as I believe that you couple POSSIBLY be!)


Find a roommate out the newspaper like everyone

I think men and women can be roommates and friends, as long as there is an understanding and boundaries are set.

See, if dude likes you, that is going to be a problem. He'll be sneaking around, trying to catch you undressing or something. lmao. But seriously...I think you should really think about asking him to live with you, he might bring you some unnecessary emotional drama. just my opinion.

Believe it or not, I was roommates with a few females, and it wasn't too bad. We all agreed that it was a living arrangement and we all set boundaries and rules. I had my own bathroom and my own area in the kitchen for my food, so it was all good.

Hey Payne


Yeah I think it could work! But it's still up in the air.. I will figure it out!

Always Love

(Trying to live and breathe at the same time)

When I was in college I had a female ROOMMATE. It worked out pretty good. I wasn't attracted to her and we had a good system. I would cook and she cleaned for the most part. The conversations was good All in All it worked out for me. We never had issues.
My 15 minutes of editing is up but I want to say based off all the comments I'm seeing and your responses I think it can work out with this guy being your roommate if you are up front with the rules, also letting him know that you are not attracted to him at all. Most importantly be mindful in what you are wearing around the house because like you said he is attracted to you but with his TS clearance he is not going to do anything stupid.

Good Morning Bobby


Actually he asked me I didn't ask him! He wanted to live closer to his job and daughter so he brought the idea to me. I don't play with anyones feelings and I always keep an open line of communication.  Because I don't want anyone to feel nothing that I'm not feeling.  It sad that you would think such a thing about me! Pimp and me don't even go together. You got me all wrong my dear! We would both be helping each other.

How he feels has nothing to do with me not having any feelings for him but friendship. So as I said b4 if he can get over that we will get along just fine.  We haven't been friends for 7 years for nothing.  Lastly I don't appreciate you saying that I'm a USER!

Always Love

@ Bobby


All is well!

Thank you!

1.  with your sex drive (NO) .... you'll be back in 2months with your why this, why that .... hehhehehhee .... 

2.  you don't handle it if you put yourself in the situation .... duuhhhhhhh .... you already sabotaged your efforts .... "the last thing you're looking for is a love connection" .... silly woman .... hehehehhehehe ....



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