I host a meeting once a month for massage therapists. We have different speakers, topics, discussion about our professional. Example include, "Getting Organizing, Marketing, Chiropractic - Self care, and Quickbooks. Do you network with other therapist? If so, how? If not, what would you like to see/do in your area? (list your area please)

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massage therapist
What about the Greenville S.C. area?
I live in South Jersey and i would love to attend. Currently I am in school but I still would like to network for the future and meet other Therapist in the area.
Just to add I amd currently learning Tui Na massage, does anyone have any thoughts on it?
Hello LaTrisha, how are you? Where do you meet? I would like more information please.
I would love to network with therapist in my area but most of them are really all about the competition. Correction, the older generation therapists are but the newer therapist i think are willing to network a little bit but nobody knows how to really get anything going
I here you,
I'm in California area and would love to network with other massage therapist and wellness practitioner's in the area. Prayerfully God will give me an idea to start a group for spiritual massage therapist to meet and network. I'm all for living a Health and Wellness lifestyle!!!
I'm in NY...I recently graduated from college with my associates in Massage Therapy. I'm taking the NYS exam in august and shortly after the National Certification in Massage Therapy. But I would like to network with other massage therapists though and get more of a perspective on what to look forward to as I enter the arena of massage therapy.
Good Morning Priscilla,
I too am from the NYC area....and wondering if there is a group in existence here in the City....If there is an active group can someone respond.....I am very much interested in networking and sharing information / techniques. We can't serve the entire world by ourselves, so my motto is to share and watch what the Universe provides....Priscilla, where did you graduate from? Good Luck on your State Boards and your National Certification... I have both, it is easier to do your Nationals right after your Boards....Good Luck on both....
I am now on the verge of getting the first meet and greet together in lake charles for LMT's. Hopefully it goes well!!!



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