Top five D*** sucking techniques….. BORROWED FROM AN EXPERT.. for serious yall.. this is a throwback post but since we trying or some of us need to learn how to really suck a d*** I figured what the hell.. lets do it shall we? LMAO


First and foremost ladies you’ve got to learn how to deep throat. I know that when your first starting out it can be kind of intimidating, especially if your with someone of a large stature. But with practice you can learn to take pretty much the entire shaft of most men all the way into your throat. The way I learned was just by starting out small, and I don’t mean d*** size, I mean by inching my way down the penis lower and lower until eventually I was taking in the whole thing. This is not going to happen in one day, you have to train your gag reflex not to respond, and for those of you girls that are bulimic ignore this post, because you have already trained your gag reflex to do the opposite. So good luck trying to undo that.

Also when you have the entire d*** in your mouth you don’t have to stay there for eternity, go back up to the top and play around until your ready to go back down again. You just have to experiment until you get your own style down.


Many women have a fear of balls. Why I do not know, there is a lot of feeling in the testicular area for men, if you don’t want to touch them there, they are not going to be happy with you. If you have a paranoia of smell or dirt have them take a shower before you have sex, both of you can do it, so that nobody is paranoid about themselves or each other, that can work wonders for people who are uncomfortable during sex. Once you know that he is good and clean lick him all over, but definitely get the balls in your mouth, one at a time, but do it gently. Men are oversensitive in this area so you must have good communication to prevent any unwanted stimulation. Also lick him right underneath his balls, the g-spot is right on the other side of this spot, so if you gently push your tongue onto this area it will create suttle stimulation on his g-spot. Now some people are into this and some are not, but depending on the guy you can go to the a******, this in not something you should do without discussing it first especially if your new to this person. But if they like it, go for it, showering before is a good idea here.


I know this title sounds kind of boring, but it can really make or break your blow job. Now I know that all of you have masterbated, think about how it feels when you just get off really fast, like you have an event to go to and you just pull one off quick in the public bathroom before an interview. Now think about when your at home alone on a sunday and you see something raunchy on tv and then you play around with yourself for while out of habit until you get down to the dirty. You don’t let yourself c** right away, you arouse yourself almost to climax then simmer down, and do that a few times until explosions! Thats how d*** sucking works. You can’t just get it in your mouth and hit it really hard, like your face f****** in the first 3 seconds. You have to tease it for a while. Caress it, use your hands, your arms, your body, and slowly ever so slowly stretch out your tongue and give it a little lick. Then sit back and look at him and wait a second, then do it again, at this point he is aching so bad for you to shove the whole engorged thing into your mouth he is going to feel like he’s going to explode. Basically what you do now is taunt him, and don’t give him what he wants until you decide its time, and the longer that you can hold out from giving in to full fledged face f****** the better his origasm is going to be.


This is another one of those things that comes with practice. Being able to work with the motion of both of your hands and your mouth takes skill. First lets just talk about the hands. You have two for a reason. I prefer using one for the balls, and the other to work on the shaft. The hand that is used for the balls should be very gentle, and should never violently grab them or you will probably loose your chance of ever trying again. I will gently stroke them flipping my hand upside down using both the top and bottom part of my hand. Once I have done that for a while I will cup them, but never just let them be still the hand must always be suttly moving for constant stimulation. The other hand must be working with the up and down movement of the head. The timing has to be right on this as well, because if you are contstantly crashing into your face with your hand that does not work. Sometimes I will come up off of the shaft with my head and just let my hand take over for a little while, this gives your mouth a break especially if you’ve been deep throating, and allows for the hand to perform the types of movements that your head cannot like moving up and down rapidly. If you can got these three things to work together your partner will adore you a lot believe me!

5.) C** IN MOUTH

This is always a hot topic. There are always the few loud people in the crowd who try to convince all girls to swallow. But really most guys just want to be able to c** in your mouth. This does not mean that you need to swallow. If you like the taste of c** and it does not gross you out, by all means swallow, but if that’s not the case just spit it out. It is after the fact, and generally guys don’t care about that. Just make sure that you leave his d*** in your mouth long enough for him to be able to finish c******, leaving before he is done ejaculating would be upsetting for sure.

So to all my freaks and freakettes, tell me what you think? Does this work for you?

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ok, how do you give good head to a 10incher? I feel like I'm about to get lockjaw after 5 minutes.
The same as you would a 4 incher.. its all about taking time to adjust to the size .. dont concentrate to much on the size.. relax your throat and of course mouth accordlngly and slowly build up a pace. And you can go to the local dirty store and get sprays to help numb your gag reflexes so you can fit more in if your trying to deep throat otherwise just make sure you not only work the shaft of the d*** with tongue tricks but dont forget his balls and that lil areas where his jewels meets the staff.. very sensitive there and it stimulates a man with a wonderufl feeling .. and if all else fails practice on a cucumber or a banana till you get your style the way you need it to be.

Soon you too will be sucking the chrome off a trailor hitch! roflmao I hope that helps
Sucking the chrome off a trailor hitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was funny!!!
hehehehehe... what can I say? roflmao
just relax. take ur time. It can be done. And when ur mouth waters, dont swallow it...just let it flow. It really helps. Dont think about deep throating. It just happens.
lmao.. spirtters are quiters I liked that one sis!
You are absolutely correct. I see that you have a PhD, in sucking d***. LOL!!!
Good evening Professor. Do you remember me? I'm from one of your earlier classes where I graduated with the honor of Imma Makem C** Lawdy. Lol Thanks for the refresher course. I haven't had much need for the tutorials lately but hopefully that will change soon

BTW, will you be offering the P* eating course in the future? You may have a few students from this group. Lol
Yes as a matter of fact you were one of my best students... lol a quick learner if you will.. LMAO and yes i shall offer Eating P**** 101 sometimes in the next course of hours or day.. classes fill early so make sure to sign up early! lmao
Uhmm Professor I'm good with this course but I do have a couple of referrals for you lol
I would like to do my book report on eating p****. Nothing wrong with an extra "A". If I get one.



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