Ladies, it's warm/hot and you are showing your beautiful legs and pretty feet! I just love it to death! I have a foot fetish and wish every woman I saw had pretty suckable toes!!!

So here's the deal. Do you love to have your toes licked and sucked? If so, why? What does this act do to you? Do you have trouble allowing your partner to partake in this desire to caress, kiss, lick and suck your beautiful feet and toes? That is, if you really do have pretty feet!

*********************Please feel free to post pictures of your feet/toes!************************

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No Brutha don't F@ck with the feet especially during the summer months. During summer women wear sandals and could step in dog shyt or something I just wouldn't want to expose you to that. Besides thes feet aren't pacifiers! LOL
I don't hardly think this brutha is talking about "glazed feet in brown sauce!" LMAO

I myself have sucked some toes in the past with smashing success! With most women it was their first time and they all were pleasently surprised!
Right! LeClara, I hope you wouldn't run out into the yard, play with the dog... in his/her special area, then come in and prop them stink bombs up for your man!!! Also, no crusties!!! Don't feel bad ladies if you think your feet are hot, but your partner thinks you kick rocks all day for a living!
Preach Brother 150, there is nothing like it, that's a turn on
Like hell! They can sooth as well as ignite!
suck away-suck away.... i have pretty toes..start at the bottom and work your way up and please stay for a long visit to parts in the middle...that shhh_t turns me on...
Umm, huh.... Let me see!
Watch out, now! The A is not far from me!

Seriously, I don't understand why women don't play this up more. Yes you ladies LOVE shoes. Men like to see you in hot shoes. But we really don't get that crazy over the shoes. I think it's the feet in those shoes. the heel, arch, toes, toe cleveage, veins.... Just typing this is getting to me! Ladies, feel free to post a pic or pics of your feet/toes.
whispering...wth is toe cleveage?..yeah u got it
When the top of your toes show at the top of your close toe shoes.... Top, meaning where your toes meet the body of the foot, ball if you will.
lol....u but i LOVE IT!!
hold up Honey let me see those toes to....a woman with pretty toes will have me on my knees for much more then sucking her toes....i will start on the toes but HMMMM i MAY GET LOSt and travel



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