Ladies, aside from they typical sanitary/hygienic reasons that I've become accustomed to hearing,  why do you shave/ your coochie? And would it surprise you to know that a lot of brothers prefer some hair?  I'm not complaining but shaved coochie makes you look like a little girl or something...Get back to the grown woman look....

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Well for one when your licking the coochie hair will get in the way! and I don't want to be coughing up hair like a cat hacking up a hair ball! Also, I like to see what I am working with, what I mean by that is that I love how p**** looks! I want to appreciate it!!! When the coochie is bald its a different feeling when you having sex with that lady its softer and one that not many know is that the hair around the coochie and d*** holds an oder, and if you cut the hair down or shave it the smell is not a pungent if you decide to like the hair grow.
good observation Solitaire...
I prefer a shaved p**** cause it does not get in the way when I am getting oral pleasure and I dont like for my hairs to get pulled but my underwear or my pants when I dont have any underwear on.
envisioning Ms.GNP with no panties in a dress or pants. HMMMMMM!
"I prefer a shaved p**** cause it does not get in the way when I am getting oral pleasure"

I would have no problem sucking the juices out of your pu*** with hair or no hair Ms. GNP.
Your question has brought up one of my own: For all of these men who say they prefer that a woman be shaved, do you do the same thing? And for the women who prefer to be shaved, do you expect the same from a man you're having sex with? Personally, I keep a low cut all year round. And since I'm doing that, the man I'm having sex with should also because I don't like hairs in the back of my throat either.
To answer your question Serene for me I do shave, and its something that as I stated before I do it for the reason of hygiene and I love how it feels when I am having sex with my girl! Oh and yes she ask me to shave her!
Dameon does shaving her do something for you, as in a turn on or a type of bonding between you two? I've heard a couple of guys say they would shave their lady but when I ask why or what made you think to do that they don't have an answer.
@ Serene.

Wow!! Yeah, i used to do that with my ex-wife. She used to let me trim it down for her and yeah it was kind of a hot/intimate moment between us.
Ok Nate now did you just trim/shave the yoni or did you do other areas like her legs too? I was just introduced to the idea of a man shaving me everywhere a couple of months ago.
This was some years ago in the early 2000's before we got married and divorced but from what I remember i would just shave her coochie hairs. She did her legs on her own. I would wash her hair from time to time but that was it. She would enjoy when I would trim her hair below because will trim and clip, lick it a little and then go back to grooming it. Very intimate thing.
Does shaving her do something for you, as in a turn on or a type of bonding between you two?
Yes! I mean you are laying back as someone is using a razor to gild over your most sensitive of places!! YOU had better trust them! and YES its a huge turn on!!



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