Ok so i've been told that sex when you're pregnant is the best in the world.. now i feel like yeah it's great but when ya man is short stackin he feels great right now too but after the baby it's gonna be lame? i don't know lol.... Me personally it's the hyper sensitive skin and the feeling like a virgin every night....i wanna know every ones opinion on this and experiences with this.. cause i know alot of men out there have had sex with a pregnant woman and alot of woman have gotten their needs met while in this beautiful transition of life.. so let me know.

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Considering that I've fathered a few babies in my time, I'll admit it's a special thrill when you imagine your child gonna come out with bumps on his or her head! (smile) Everything is so, so warm, wet, and the woman feels extra sensitive. In fact, most of the time she asked to be f*****, because she wanted to be pounded!!!! I think its an immense thrill for the woman as well. but since most women don't admit their true feelings, I'll never know??? Will I?
I guess not..lol. You like those shy women huh? I'm sorry i gotta get the the beat down from some one who know what they doing. and i don't care i'll demand that s***!. but that's just me hormones and all.lol. yes it is a thrill i will admit to that one..
I LOVED BEING PREGNANT AND HAVING SEX!!! That was close to some of the BEST sex I have experienced. And if it made a dent in my babies head, then all FOUR of them should have them, cause I stayed horny as hell. lol And the funny thing is that I all kinds of propositions from men when I was pregnant! The more I showed, the more propositions I received. It was UNREAL!
Lol I'm glad i'm not the only one. I feel you on the horny as hell thing some reason after you get that one nut out the way you can get a few more right after that. The propositions are always wild and freaky s*** and the bigger you get the more freaky the men are .lol.
you are so right pregnant p**** is the best p**** i had heard that comment many times from my kidz father.dont get me wrong my p**** stays tight ,but it jus extra tight when i am pregnant
i think this is why men try to keep women pregnant right here.. cause it get better...
This is to ALL. Yes it is super wet....But fellas don't be fooled pregnant women have aids too. BEAWARE!! Hey it is good though........



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