Good Afternoon Family - Please share an exotic story from your past.  I'll go first:


My Affair With A Married Man

I kept running into this one guy on the streets of downtown DC.  You know me, when he said hello, I spoke back, but kept it moving.  As I was sitting at the front desk at my office, here he comes through the door.  He said to me, "oh, so this is where you work".  I just smiled and said, "hi there, can I help you"?  He said, "yes, I am here to inquire about vacant office space".  I said okay, we have such and such available on the 10th floor.  Here is the name of our leasing agents.  They will be able to give you more information about the space, rates, etc. etc.  As he left, I though to myself, "this n**** really came in here to ask about office space?"  
When I saw him return a few weeks later, with the leasing agents, I was floored.
He asked me to lunch, after I called and inquired about what he thought about our property.  We went to an early dinner instead.  We chatted about this and that.  He was married and so was I.  As we were wrapping up, the subject somehow switched to the vacant space in my building.  I said, "would you like for me to show the space to you now"? 
As we walked back to my building, little did I know what was in store.  It was after hours.  Most of the tenants were gone for the day.  I used my master key to open the door.  The sun was just setting outside, and the space was a little cool.  We hardly made it into the empty offices before he threw me up against the wall in an empty comference room.  As he held my back against the wall, he kissed me deeply, tonguing me while using his hands to raise my skirt.  Once his hands met my thonged ass, it was on.  I could feel his hard d*** pressing up against my thigh.  It was so hard that it almost hurt being pressed up against me.  I had to feel it.  I unzipped his pinstripped pants to reveal his 8 inch cock and massaged it with such intensity that I could feel him ejaculate, just a little, in my hands.  He unbuttoned my suit jacket to reveal my size D twins and erect nipples.  We must have kissed and carressed for the next hour.  I lost track of time. 
Being the lady that I am, we did not take it any further.  I put my clothes back together, while he did the same.  It was an evening I will never forget, and the beginning of a tailspin into the forbidden. 

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I liked that story DDM.  It was hot.  Getting it from behind is one of my favorite positions.
Good story DDM.
Okay....that was hot DC Gal.
Thanks Nate.  We warmed up that cool office space with lightning speed.
he was at the party staring at me all night. we were on the dance floor with other people and my ass was rubbing into him on the floor kinda accident on purpose. i sent him a shot of jack to see if he could handle it. the bartender told him who it was from he smiled and took it to the head. then nodded his approval. he sent me a double in return. when i slammed the glass on the bar he went to the mens room. i went to the mens room. we went into a stall. we kissed and he put his hand under my skirt to discover i wasnt wearing any thing but some thigh high stockings...he stopped, put his hand to his lips and licked...i unzipped his pants went through the front slit and found a very hard d ick with a head about the size an overripe plum he let it a sigh. i undid his pants let them fall to the floor pulled down his boxer/briefs and stood behind him. with my DD's on his back i wet my hands and started to j erk him off. he c ame a few minutes later. i left the stall washed my hands and went back to my seat at the bar
Excellent story Real.  That was cool that you and Ms. Horny end up having a relationship after that. 
When a Man Know'S where is an advantage of a Woman he goes for it regardless Married  or not, its your self Respect.......  DC GAL well put together .. MY EXPERIENCE Was OVER WHELMING I was in a cruise ship No point to go any further But his wife was at the Cruise ship has well.. He gave me something i would never forget in my life time..>>>>



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