Why is it so hard for both men and women to understand that all I want is for someone to put their face between my legs from time to time? No more no less. I'm in my 30's and I'm fresh out of a relationship and not trying to go back into one yet. I'm not interested in having any type penetration...I just want my p**** eaten/licked/sucked. Then you can go home. :) Is that to much to ask?

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It's normal for women to have receptivity when they're digging somebody. I hope you know what I mean. When I've done the job I love it when my woman says "I want you inside."

Maybe I've never seen it, but I can't picture a woman having some good, good oral then seeing her man just walk away.
@Truet............But, for instance you were out at the club and you met this guy you really wanted to get freaky with you could snatch him around a dark corne, tell him what you wanted, pulled your g-string to the side, let him finger your kitty a little, grind up on him, then force his head donwtown and let him go to work. If he is a real man,
Real Men eat some chick at a club who pulled him to the side and spread her legs.....???????????????huh
I have had men say that is all they want, and that irs time that is all he will do , because that is his hook, and if you a weak knee sista you fall for it (once) but after that you know at some point there is a comeupance. very rare that is all a fella on the regular
@Truet....And, no matter how good or how much I am licking, slurping, swallowing, and nibbling a woman is going to want her juiciness filled up. Whether it be now or a few hours later. That's just the sexual nature of humans, Sweetie :-)
I will never deny that SWEETIE, because i personally don't want to be left hanging...for long
Now if I fella said he wanted some HEAD every now and then with no convo nor additvies -- yall women would be up in arms!
@HUMP...not all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!....lol
@MrSam.....I am listening!!!!!!!
you are the EXCEPTION .. not the rule!
@HUMP...I must be, because I will suck my man's clean sweet smelling dyck in a minute and send his az on his day, because I know he going to be thinking bout that shyt all danggone day, and when his az get home I ain't got to say a damn thang....lol...tell you how I do it sometime...lol
I need firsthand proof of this... I leave for work about 730 am every day..
adn you see the MAJORITY of the men's natural reaction is to SUCK THEM... so what exactly was the threadstarter tryin to accomplish here/
no I wouldn't.....but it can't some random dude
dangit ... I aint random.



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