Many people think p****** is squirting but there is a HUGE difference. Squirting refers to a woman ejaculating similar to a man. The ejaculated fluid is not clear or thin in texture. That's PISS. It is the exact texture of semen. Beware... you maybe enjoying golden showers in the name of extraordinary sexual arousement.

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You're so right !! Thats piss, Because I had a girl I met in california and she pissed all over the bed and me. But the p**** was so good that I kept pounding that p**** and sucking her tung at the same time !! S*** she can piss all she want ! Bigd I Like it !! Just take a shower when finish !! And don't for get to turn the mattress over and change the sheets !!
lmao....ok you go BIGD
thanks for clearing that up for them.
I've experienced both nuts the clear and the white and creamy.. lol but it's often the one you spoke of. the midst of good sex, what's the f'in difference? Who cares at that moment? The time to be concerned about the difference between piss and c**- the latter of which VARIES GREATLY IN ITS CLARITY OR LACK THEREOF, AND ITS CONSISTENCY -is NOT at the moment of c******! Worry about that s*** AFTERWARDS...
Hmmm I guess I had a R.Kelly moment. He didn't mind...that shitz was good! Damn I forget his #!
lmao Jaz! hope you find that #!
LMFAO...find the #!
Piss is a natural bodily process to remove watse from the body.

C****** is a self or partner induced orgasm.

Squirting is an extreme and uncontrollable ejacualation...It is almost the same chemical composition as prostate fluid before it is mixed with sperm to make semen.

It is actually believed to come from a place called the Skene's glands, which is basically the "female prostate", and is shot out of the urethra just the same as when a man ejaculates.

the glad you are talkin bout is located in or for most women just underneath out side of the bladder.. it's what would be a prostate if we were a man but it's just call the g-spot i watched a medical documentary on it.. a man went in an incision he made on this woman push on the gland and she squirted her fluid from this gland.. i was like damn..

Also women if you are running to pee after you have sex that's because you haven't released all the way.. pee before you have sex then afterwards if you don't orgasm you will have to pee again. it's mainly because the little g-spot gland has builded up all this c** and it has to get out some kinda way so you pee it out.. thanks EL EBONY EMIR-THE BLCK PRINCE for bringin this up cause i had just had this cross my mind a min ago.. i was like i just saw a documentary on this s***..

and yes men some of ya'll are gettin peed on cause the woman didn't empty her bladder before she had sex with you.. so with the pressure of the gland and the bladder being full yeah.. c** and piss. if you like it have at it.. but i'm no r-kelly..
yeah.. i've done that nutted on a guy and his c** was as white as mine.. and then it was sticky as hell too.. he just lick his c** and then tried to eat mine.. i was in shock that he recycled his people like that..

but yeah i saw one porn the girl was p***** on the other girl if i can find it i'll post it..matter of fact it's on my discussion and the girl is p***** a stream on that woman's foot.. i'll find it and post it later.



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