Fellows how to feel about a woman sticking her finger in your ass during intercourse.  would you let a woman do this?  Is a turn on?  Does it make you reach climax faster?  Just any thoughts about this would be helpful.

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ahahah now this convo thread hurrrr is gonna separate the wanna be Freaks...... from the Card Carrying Freak Badge wearing Freak folk..... ahaaaah 

im just waiting on he responses to this here

slide ova Daniele I will bring the Patron.. ;-)))

I've never had that happen to me before so I can't really say.  I guess I if we're going at it and she does it, then whatever reaction I have is going to be what it is. 

I'd seen 'hard as rocks' but hadn't seen ((((****HARD AS THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR****)))) til I did it! 



Thanks Bobby for keeping it real...most guys wont admit this because they feel this somehow asserts they have bisexual tendancies. But truth be told alot of women will say that men allow them to do this and it drives the man crazy...
Hey let the freakiness out......
Actually in my past relationships or sexual encounters, the guys wouldnt even allow me to touch their ass more less even rub my finger up or down his crack, but after talking to various friends and how it makes men crazy i wanted to try it just for experimental purposes...so this guy i am currently imtimate with said he never tried it but was willing to do it to please me so i did it and he instantly came he said although it was different he liked it!

Rubbing or licking the anus can be very stimulating.  My husband loves it.  As for inserting my fingers, I have nails so that probably wouldn't work.

I had a previous doctor ... a brotha ... with them big-azz "mechanic's hands" (dude earned extra money fixing cars while going through med school)!! This dude's knuckles looked like the big-azz super-sized marbles we used play with back in tha' day!! So you know I dreaded that damn D.R.E. ... Digital Rectal Exam ... every gott-damn year!!

Well I had to change doctors due to losing my health care coverage and had to go to this community health care center. I'm thinking I'm gon' have  some old shriveled-up troll of a man for doctor ... all up in my azz ...


She sho' didn't have to ask me twice to drop my draws!! but what really f**cked me up was she had them delicate women's hands ... and  for the first time during a prostate exam ... my shyt got harder than four rolls of quarters!! Make bad matters worse ... after she was finished and I pulled my pants back up ... my shyt was STILL ROCK HARD ... POINTED AT HER LIKE A DAMN HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE AND TWITCHING!!!! She sitting there all nonchalant and professional ... discussing my health status like everything is everything and my d**ck is throbbing to the beat tha' band! It's a wonder I didn't blow a h*** in my britches!!


Naw !! If they let you stick a finger in they ass, Then they are letting others stick something else in they ass.  We can do other things to freak ! Not that  !!  real men speak up !! Hell naw



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