I love Leos (I'm a sagg) but I noticed that there is a difference between Leos born in July and later months. Those born in July tend to have more cancer traits and are very emotional warm and nuturing. Whereas, those born later, in August or so are more traditional.

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I think August Leos may be more "high maintenance" than July Leos. My mother was a July Leo and I am an August one. We were both high maintenance, but I think she was better at running a household (closer to cancer), but heck I am in no way neat enough to be close to a Virgo. I don't know...
interesting theory red lotus. I think it goes even further. The male leo's are totally different from female leos.
i'm a lion of tru' don' meanin' if i was not fully commit'd two locks you would guess but i breakin' the guessin' game... and i stand out among most leo's... i know i possess more robust energy; i'm less lazy... &yet i was born aug 19 on the cusp aqurious you know what i mean.... i rise inn a natural regal.... that can't be tame'd... and i dare some try still they gain no sucess only faliures inn dominatin' this lion a tru' king of kings don dada ini 1love

there are more then just two types of leo's for each bridges the gap away from the other inn time inn accordance two the next day with the sun and the moon rising and settin' it's just you hardly see the various variations of alot of leo's two-gether that you can bridge relationship of the connective.... thus the night and day hard two bridge the two as opposites when the transition is so smoove... the same with the two types of leo's if you three (3) inn a family you would laugh at especially if one is at the beginning and the middle and at the end... the leo's would be at each others throats cause that is g.o.d.'s divine law that we should be at each other's throats...i hope this makes alot of sense....
Did y'all know our President was a Leo? Yep! August 4th!

Yes I tend to agree, July Leos are a lil more meek (or in someones words, more caring) than August Leos.
When I started noticing friends around me and their signs I couldn't believe they were Leos.
I was just about in shock. I would say outloud, "please dont tell me you are a Leo".
You can't be my sign, and acting like you are a punk about some things.
July Leos will beat a dead horse down, with words, where a August Leo if done with something,
its shown we are more cut and dry.
Leos take on the best challenges and isn't scared of anything!
Will the REAL Leos step up to the plate? LOL (no pun intended)



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