Fellas which do you prefer: a woman with a big ol' butt or someone with big ol' boobs? And why?

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Well why not both ? Nothing wrong with being " stacked "..., as the saying goes . Easy on the eyes , as well as the other tactile senses . " Straight talk " its a huge boost to the male ego you know . However ..., there are several other elements that must also come into play . First and foremost is " Heart / Courage " ..., after that Intelligence ...,Faith & Faithfulness / Comittment ..., ect . ( not necessarily in that order ) A great exterior with a shallow interior may be good for the short haul . That might be enough for some ..., but if you truly want to go the distance . Then start with , or make the interior the priority ! The exterior package then becomes a bonus ! Oh , and by the way ..., I love bonuses ! * smile * Later..,
Good answer Sherman... good answer! (clapping my hands and looking at the board as if we were on "The Family Feud") LOL!!!
I think having the best of both worlds internally and externally is the ultimate testament to being fully satisfied by your woman. As long as a woman knows her beauty and is not afraid to express it in a sensuous, classy, and respectful manner is what would draw me to her. A woman does not necessarily have to "let it all hang out" as the cliche states. She can have all the above attributes but be reserved as well. I think that attraction to someone physically, should not allow the other more important things to be hindered, as Sherman stated above, because everyone changes physically over time, and if that was the only thing holding you to your woman, then your relationship would be in trouble at that point. We can both encourage one another to stay physically fit, for our health first, and then we can also share in the physical part of being fit as well (endurance). wink wink!
( smile ) Agreed.....both can equally generate a lot of interests and possible activity. Primarily, I'm
not the "Supersize" type guy.....I'm more of a Medium Combo type cat....Enough to fill my hands
and satisfy my appetite!! ( smile ) Equally important is the substance of the woman......Big
Buns, Big patty with no lettuce, tomato, mustard...etc.....makes a pretty dull sandwich!!
( smile )
Well put Kenneth =)
Alright Guys ..., I was starting to feel like the " Lone Ranger " here for a minute . Glad to hear some of the other men " sound off " as well. D J ..., on some levels I believe that you and I are cut from the same cloth ! An old African American saying . Folks from the " hood " can certainly appreciate it . ( in other words kindred spirits ) * wink * . Kenneth ..., " Love the analogy of the Hamburger "..., I hate a dry sandwich " * smile * so I agree with you on all points mentioned . Now as far as my NYPRinVa is concerned ..., " Great post " lady . I can't help but to be reminded of Marvin Gaye's song . " Sexual Healing " . Not once did he discuss , or mention physical attributes . Alright ..., alright .., alright ! Nuff said ! Later ...,
Oooh baby, I'm hot just like an oven... I need some lovin'... and baby, I can't hold it much longer
it's getting stronger and stronger... and when I get that feeling I want sexual healing, sexual healing baby... makes me feel so fine.

One of my all time favorite songs!!!
You are a mess NY!
I love them both, there is nothing like stuff jiggling everywhere, oooweeee!!
I like a man that likes whats in the bun also! Substance is soooooooooo important! as we mature we realize that!



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