I will be the first to say that I have been most ignorant of the contributions of the female Jazz Artist. although it was not by design, I just was always one to listen to the artists that were made most available to me.

by the grace of God and efforts of Charlee, I am now awakened to the contributions of female Jazz Artists.

So to the well informed and to enlighten me, if you will, please list what songs you feel would make the Ultimate CD compilation of female jazz artists. Please include the name of the song, the artist, and if possible the album.

My awakening begins.........NOW

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To BSY: Thanks for asking first. Nope, she's not a musician, she's a singer. Female singers are not the best kept secrets of the jazz world; female MUSICIANS are, which is why they're the subjects of this group. Check out Diana Krall, Esperanza Spalding, Nina Simone, Carmen McRae and Tania Maria. They're just a few of many women who BOTH sing and PLAY jazz very well.
To BSY: Not a problem, my dear friend...hang out here as much as I haunt your group, The Water Cooler, and you'll be an officianado in no time flat. Just remember...each jazz artist here must play a musical instrument...EVEN if she sings like a bird.
I`m a big Shirley Horn fan Ty. I love her style as a pianist and she sings beautifully in a way that`s all her own. She really is a song stylist. My favs by her are " You won`t forget Me" off the CD of the same title.
There`s my girl Patrice Rushen, the album is by Eddie Henderson, the cut is Dr.Mganga . I don`t know if this is available on CD. I have it on vinyl. She kills the keyboard on this cut! Charlee already covered C. Wilson. That`s all i have for now.
Oh ,I forgot Marion McPartland. She has a weekly radio show that airs on 88.7 WSIE the station for Southern Illinois U. I believe you told me you attended there Ty. You may catch it on-line . excellent! Each week she has a different guest that she interviews and performs with. The shows were recorded live. It still airs on Sundays at 10am STL time.
Joni Mitchell is not known as a jazz artist but she made a tribute to Charles Mingus that is extrodinary! I`m sure it is available on CD. She even spent time with Mingus before he passed and the CD includes some special moments with him. The collection of musicians on this album is truly great to say the least.The work is titled "Mingus". It features the late Jaco Pastorious on electric bass. I think he was the best to ever play the electric bass.



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