I will be the first to say that I have been most ignorant of the contributions of the female Jazz Artist. although it was not by design, I just was always one to listen to the artists that were made most available to me.

by the grace of God and efforts of Charlee, I am now awakened to the contributions of female Jazz Artists.

So to the well informed and to enlighten me, if you will, please list what songs you feel would make the Ultimate CD compilation of female jazz artists. Please include the name of the song, the artist, and if possible the album.

My awakening begins.........NOW

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I'll do better than that! I've interviewed over 35 women who compose and perform their own music since July 2008. Also, see our website: www.wijsf.org

I invite you to my show MUSICWOMAN LIVE! on www.blogtalkradio.com/musicwoman

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Thanks, look forward to you joining us.
Diva JC
Who are YOUR personal favorites? with name of song, artist, and album included?
Tyrone, I couldn't have said it any better!
This was the message that I couldn't have said any better! The Female Jazz Musicians -sounds great!
Many of my fav's are in the tributes and player I put here. Jessy J is new to the scene. She blows a sweet sax, as does Candy Dulfer. Alice Coltrane's fingers were like butterflies both on piano and harp but her harp playing really melts me. Tania Maria is great on piano and knows how to deliver a song's mood. I'm a show n' tell woman when it comes to these musicians, so doing the "For Tyrone" player thang; you'll have the album titles. My absolute fav is Cassandra Wilson's Traveling Miles album, especially both cuts of "Run the Voodoo Down". She never met him but she scored his music into her arrangements of songs she wrote and sang on the CD. Hmmm, don't get me started, LOL! Every musician in dis house is great! You do realize we have a warehouse fulla music here, don't you Ty? Do tell us YOUR fav's when you discover them. Push the arrow and enjoy, sweetie.

Miles Davis all the way, babeee!
To BSY: That's a start. But remember--FEMALE--musicians. I started this group solely to tribute WOMEN who play jazz on instruments and that will never, ever change. You can look in the tribute section and get a lot of insight, not only about their music, but about their lives, BSY. For example, her husband, John, got far more attention but Alice Coltrane was a musical genius who played both jazz piano and harp splendidly. Most jazz groups speak about John. Let 'em! We focus on ALICE COLTRANE here. Not John. The same goes for Lil Hardin Armstrong, wife of Louis Armstrong. She made him into a legend, but was actually a brilliant composer, arranger, pianist, singer and bandleader herself. Lil's here. Not Louis. We have no shortage of amazing talents within these pages, that's fa sho!
Thank you baby. The thing is, you are ignorant as long as you dotn know, when the opportunity for knowledge presents itself and I can place myself into not being ignorant and dont, I immediately go from ignorant to stupid.

Im loving all of this.
@ Ty: Deep! I'm likin' your discussion and your philosophy :)
To Ty: I can't believe our members are so silent on this topic in such a good discussion. All these musicians are here, and you guys aren't naming any? BSY is a new member and she decidedly likes Cassandra Wilson's music. Where are the opinonists at? :(
Thank you Charlee,

Imsure with the masses that are in here I am sure to get some input. Im banking on the fact that many may be performers themselves which is why i felt comfortable posig this discussion to seek enlightenment from purists!

I have a lot of time so i look forward to their responses. Ill check out the other forums as to gain more knowledge.,

This is a great group.



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