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I also have joined a few dating sites, needless to say many men on these sites really aren't looking for a 'True Relationship', basically nothing more than sex.. It's really sad that people really can't be honest with themselves..not only that but take Dating a woman seriously. Honestly, I don't have time to waste with their foolishness.. I have no problem being Single..However it would be nice to have someone to share my 'Life' with, but I'm not going to accept having a man in my life..just to say I have a man..I shall continue to stay single, until I can find a True Gentleman who is interested in taking Dating serious..

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I have to agree. I had been single for 2 years when I relocated to VA and I finally decided to let someone in after 2 years and he played the game well.  He got in good with my mom, my son (he was their barber) and then I was next on the list.  He came with everything, the sensitive, understanding, willing to do whatever to make things work, etc. type of talk and got what he wanted and then told me he wasn't ready for a serious relationship.  This guy sat back like a predator, gathered all the information he needed to get to get close to me and then he made his move.  He even came talking about God and being a good christian, etc. Needless to say I didn't see it coming and after he got what he wanted he left.  This dating thing is really scary anytime a man has to lie and cheat to get something that is all around him and in some cases he doesn't even have to pay for it. Shame on me for trusting him.

When you go on these dating sites, many are not looking for love. They are looking for someone to get into the bed. You have to be careful when meeting men. They are visual creatures and they one goal is getting you in bed. Just be careful:)

DEAR SHOWSTOPER , i really find a man that really likes and me is a perfect man now for me a single woman mid 40's. We always talk about about little things in life about loveing a parther and I would every much like to make him my man What should I DO about this man He's every sex and smart about talks little when He comes around me , Just the look at him cause me too feel hot and sweet all over. It's like you at the docter office and your lookingh from toe to head . It's loving all over again with out the grandwolf  walking around you. That eye contact just melt my body all over he's touches down my neck wonder what he's lips tastes like . HE all always helps me adout just listen to me heart and that's imopartant to me. I want this man has my husband . I can too about  the way he looks at me back it's really love and not lust ?  What should a do about this man that melt me when I'am resting at night,

I've had my share of experiences with the fellas on these sites - NONE of them are looking for relationSHIPS.....they're looking for relatIONS........ and that's a damned shame.
I wont lower my standards and settle for a guy who can bring NOTHING to the table except drama, lies, BS and the list goes on and on - just to say I have a man. I love ME enough to continue to wait on the right one not Mr. right for now

Yes, you said what I am thinking. I also have signed up on dating sites and believe some of the men just want sex and nothing else. I am an independent woman that would like to have someone to share my life with also. There is a kind respectable man out there just for me. I will continue to wait and just have fun living life.



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