Anyone having any luck with dating sites, Im on Black People Meet, Black Singles, Locate my Love, etc. and havent been asked out on 1 date. I even change the states when i go away. What's up????

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I havent had any luck either I was on POF its a lot of guys just looking for sex nothing more but the act like they looking for something serious

So true..and it's so sad.. why can't men be Honest...most of all be a Gentleman? One's that I have met..are married or taken..I'm not going there..and made it very known too those who want their cake and eat it too.. I'm NOT the one:)

Wow, I thought it was just me that felt like this. These guys on these sites act like they really want something serious and really they dont. I believe their up here to boost their ego's


Hi April,

I truly don't get it myself.. although I've met quite a few men..going on dates have been difficult...due too these men not having a job and or money..and looking for handouts..omg..sad.. they also don't want any commitment..just what they want..which doesn't work for me.. I shall continue to be patient..and I'm sure something positive will occur soon in the Dating arena for me.:)

You come to a point in life where you enjoy your own company. There will always be men out there trying to get it for free. It is up to us to let them know we pass. When it is meant to happen it will. I continue to do me and not worry about why Mr. right has not approach me. I guess it is all in the way we think. I been single so long  it is a little scary to place my self out there. I love some me:)

I have a story for all the brothers and sisters out in this day of time we are very fun about are relationships about love or sex or anything that matters between loving someone esle or new . Have walk up to a lady or brother and say let's get started on this relationship you feel for each other . And realizes that we work everyday and help are children everyday and study the word . Too find are self ready to heat a storm up of hot sex that burns to hot . That some talk about it and others find a more understand way to share time growing on one another for a partner for life . Or for a little time anyway bring your feelings towards a lover of yours .The great thing about that i want love and a relationship now , getting busy i take that too if it let's too a long- time life relatioships ladies.

I really dont believe dating sites "work" least I'M not a believer.
Technology makes it so easy for people to hide who they really are. People lie without having to look you in the face; post pictures that are total misconceptions; and just plain flat out LIE for no reason.
I've been on each and Black People Meet, Plenty of Fish, Locate your Love, Black Singles, Christian Singles (they're the worse) and one or two I can't remember. I've gone out on a few dates and Yes, I've even had a relationship with one (or two). The sad part is.......once you start to get to know them - they're nothing like the person they led you to believe they were. Yes, people can lie without meeting on a dating site. But isn't the whole idea of going on the sites "to find a date/mate"?

I think I'll just continue to try my luck the old fashioned way.........(whatever that is/was)



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