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No, If this was the full truth of the Matter, that men are more concerned about these thhree things, There wouldn't be so many Bad Relationship, Bad Marriages, Single Parents, Kids without Fathers, instead of so few Strong Christian Men, Real Men handling their roles and responsiblites.

Who they are - First ( They would be a Man) standing up to and for Manhood and all it entails.
What they Do - Second (would be to do what a Man should do) everything within his power to support his responsiblities.
How Much He Make - Third (what he makes he'd handle wisely, investing in financial securities for the future of his responsiblities and himself)

Its evident that men have not considered these 3 things prior to being (so-called) focused on relationship, because they still go out and RELATIONSHIP.(I guess you might say without focus?)

Oh and we must not forget, the Woman who allows this to continue
God Help Us, We Got To Change the Tide, We are like lost childrens wandering around and around in the wilderness, We need each other, Families have got to stand strong (together) Try God

If they thought of those three things first, wouldn't they be responsible and wise enough to make better choices and decisions, before getting inimately, emotionally involved, creating bad relationships, bad marriages, single parents, Kids without fathers etc.
I agree with Nellie totally - If men and women would take the time to find out WHO they are in Christ first, this world that consist of relationships would be a much better place...................Selah
Thanks for the Amen Mac "Have a great day"
Sorry Steve I am going to have to disagree. Whilst the almighty has created this world with such divine accuracy, humans naturally select each other in their be-fitting hierarchy. I'm sorry, I know this may annoy some people, but time and time again, you will find income plays a huge role with realtionships in this society, as a result, people are getting into relationships for the wrong reasons, money. Whilst I do agree with the fact that a man should find out who he is, what he does, and how much money he makes, their is however a far greater important factor that has been missed out and that is HOW a man FINDS himself or if not DEFINES himself. In a society that is so influenced by the media ,Music, fellow men, gents clubs, I could go on. This can be a very difficult society for a man to truly find out who he is. No biases, but I find men are usually concerned about how their close friends feel about their relationships....and I hate to tell you fellas, many times your friends interfere a great deal. Hence the reason why I said the "HOW he finds himself " is crucial, for a man to FOCUS on a realtionship. The true guidance of the "WORD" ( Bible) is what truly sets a man in finding out who he truly is, what he should do, how much unlimited financial abundance is at his disposal. and in the simultaneaously be built into the man of purpose that God wants him to be.
I would say yes this is true. A real man should know his purpose by the time he reaches his twenties. Now days and this is only my opinion as a 47 year old black man. These brothas now days have no idea what they want to do in life. As far as how much money you make. A lot of these men won't even finish high school. So we already know where that leads to. Think about what most black men want to do. What do they aspire to be ? Rappers, Basketball Player, Football Player. These are dreams. Nothing wrong with dreaming, but know who you are, have your life together and have a positive cash flow before you take on the responsibilities of being with a real woman. I believe this is the message Steve Harvey is trying to point out.
Spoken by a True Man. Thank-you Derek for being Real.
As much as I would not like to agree with Steve looking at the average man today I have to agree. There is a difference on what is right and what is happening. The average man today only thinks about these 3 things. And if they are not intact then EVERYTHING is out of whack not just a marriage. But their relationship with God and/or family and friends.
Unfortunately, it is true. It is how men measure themselves against other men. Some of it is ingrained, hardwired in. But healthy attitudes, geared toward being a good provider and protector of family and community, have been corrupted by sin and pride to amount to nothing more than the achievement of hollow victories; ego- boosting tallies that help one man believe he is better than another. All men seek respect as a fundamental need, but they are trying to get it in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. The true measure of whether a man is rich is not in how much he makes, but in what he does with it. Not in what he does, but whether he does it well. Cars, clothes and jewelry are possibly the least valuable use for money. If it does not glorify God, then it will not glorify the man, in the end. Most men do not realize that good relationships, especially marriage, is the greatest wealth a man can achieve. Although a good marriage seems more difficult to come by in this culture than a million dollars, it worth more than a million dollars and worth all the effort it takes. Most men (or women) aren't willing to put in the work to realize that truth.
Anthony, words excapes me to decribe what it means to have the truth revealed by a man that God would be proud to call his Son. Actually, your words, SAID IT ALL. To all my beautiful brothers out there Heed the words.



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