4 Questions Women Should Never Ask Men/Answers Men Should Avoid...

Ladies, I thought this article was cute. What do you think? Guys, are there any other questions we should never ask you? Ladies are there any other answers men should avoid?

There are certain questions that women and men in loving relationships or budding relationships should never ask each other. Those questions are:

#1 Question Women Should Never Ask Men: "How many women have you been with before me?"

There is no right answer to that one, for women or men. No matter what number you come up with, even when you add a couple for the college years, subtract the drunken nights, and divide by Pi, the number will be a bad number. You will look inexperienced, slutty, easy, hard-to-get, over-sexed, under-sexed, or some inexplicable combination of those adjectives.

Women: Do not answer the question of how many men/women you have been with before your mate.
Men: The same goes for you.

#2 Question Women Should Never Ask Men: "Do these pants make me look fat?"

Women: Do not ask questions to which you already have the answers. Look in the mirror and see for yourself.
Men: This is always a trick question. If you say yes, you're in trouble. If you say no, you are opening yourself up to a whole new round of questions: "What about in the skirt?" "Does that mean you think it's the shirt that makes me look fat?" You can see where this is going, down a dark, dark road where no man wants to travel. The only correct answer is "You look great, honey, like you always do." Repeat it three times, memorize it. Do not stray from that answer.

#3 Question Women Should Never Ask Men: "Will you take this magazine quiz with me?"

Women are always assessing their relationship. When we find a relationship quiz in our favorite women's magazine we think that those 10 questions will tell us what we need to know about the current state and future potential of our romantic relationships. They are just silly quizzes, and cannot possibly apply to every single couple that answers the question.

Women: Keep the quizzes, horoscopes and Numerology in women's magazines to yourself. It's for entertainment.
Men: Avoid the quizzes. Find a way out, kiss her romantically instead, maybe she'll forget all about the magazine.His and Hers Guidelines for Happy Couples: Asking Stupid Questions

#4 Question Women Should Never Ask Men: "Do you think [insert name of hot celebrity, mutual friend] is prettier/sexier/more beautiful than me?"

Again, this is a trick question. We want men to be honest, and then we throw this at them. We want to be thought of as the prettiest/sexiest/most beautiful in the eyes of our mates. Yet we know that of course there are people in the public eye that are better looking than we are. Otherwise they proably wouldn't be in the public eye to begin with.

Women: Accept that your man is attracted to you.
Men: Compliment her enough and you won't have to hear this question ever again.

Source: Pam Gaulin. B.A., Journalism, was awarded in 2008 for Top Performing Content, Top 100 of AC, Best of AC: Home Improvement and Winter Holidays Awards. 2007: She earned recognition as AC's Content Producer of the Year (2007). She writes B2C and B2B content.

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This advice cracked me up. I have broken each one of these so-called rules at one point, and it was never the end of the relationship. We have to stop taking this stuff too seriously, and a smart man will not dump you simply because you ask dumb questions, but he'll take a look at the content of your character.

To be honest, there's only one question I think a woman shouldn't ask a man, and I cannot write it here! Hint: It has to do with size!!! LOL.
Me personally, I don't give a rat's a$$ who a man I'm dating has been with, as long as he's not still pining over the past, it doesn't cause me any health issues and he's faithful to me!
These are all questions men hate. I have been asked most of them and they were very awkward some I was able to talk my way out of some not so fast. But when it all comes down to it. I feel that if your thinking a certain way chances are it is true. Don't want to sound so negative, but it is what it is. Though the question about the celebrity I really couldn't care less. For if my better half was with the celebrity she wanted then I couldn't blame her. I would chalk it up as a L and keep going. If your going to lose your spouse I'll feel better if it is to a celebrity cause I know his money runs longer than mine. Just honesty for you. Cause I would do the same.Lol
I think people will ALWAYS ask how many partners you have had. Even if they do not ask in the beginning they eventually will even if they know they shouldn't.



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